Beading video post

I promised my twitter followers a beading post a while back, and since getting the flip I’ve been promising a video blog so.. Ta-dah! 2 birds, one badly filmed stone *grin*


..I am Soooo not a v-logger, much to learn have I, most definitely.
I know: the file size is kinda huge, I could really do with practising filming close ups as the link was too blurry (hence the following picture for clarity) and I need to remember not to open bags next to the in-built mic when I’m talking. and next time no mirror! lol that’s a definite lesson learned.

Handmade Pendant and links

So, to show you what the finished article actually looks like if you follow the muddy instructions from the video..
I use wire that is .71mm (in American I think that’s gauge 21) and generally purchased from The Scientific Wire Company (online of course) it’s plated copper as opposed to actual gold or silver because i’m too skint and it’s only a hobby so buying expensive materials are a no no – another reason I don’t sell my stuff, It’s cheap material so I fully expect it to break – if I give it as a gift, the person knows me and I can fix it any time they want me to.

For links the size of the one dangling from the pendant use an inch and a half of wire, it’s the shortest amount that works with this gauge wire for pretty links I’ve found – anything above that, experiment to your hearts content

If you like the idea then use it freely, I’m sure I’m not the only person to use this technique despite discovering it for myself.

It’s amazing what you can make from a few beads some wire and a couple of pairs of pliers!

3 thoughts on “Beading video post

  1. Susan Reynolds

    LOVE seeing you and the project at the same time! That was really a great idea. And the finished project is really lovely. Very cool, lady 🙂

  2. K. Restoule

    I’m at work, so I can’t watching the video, but I’ve wanted to try Vbloging for awhile now. The problem….getting off my ass and doing it.

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