Victoria Stringer; getting professional?

I’ve been culling posts left right and centre from this blog so that I can ‘streamline’ the content when I merge my other blogs to it during the (hopefully soon) site redesign and update I’ve been working on. Doing so I’ve discovered many things; not least the changes in my writing style and the tone and content of the posts themselves.

I don’t wish to lose the essence of ‘me’ within the blog; the personal side of things has netted me several ‘blog friends’ over the years (yes Master K, April, Crash and Brandie – I mean you) and I value that aspect of my virtual life,  but I do want to highlight the content more in keeping with the career I’m looking to pursue (upon completion of my BSc degree) as this is the first place any prospective employer will look should they embark upon an internet search for me.

At present I am top of the search returns on for ‘Vicky Stringer’ and have a further 4 listings lower down the front page and on I hold the top 2 positions on the first page – no mean feat for a non professional ‘nonentity’.

Unfortunately I’m certain that once I change my site and lose all the lovely ‘link juice’ I’ve accrued over the years this status will change. I am equally certain that before long I’ll be back on top but this is fair warning to anybody that has linked to me in the past – the link will be broken as soon as my new site is up and running.

In other news, I have also been looking carefully at my options for module choices next year and have managed to 98% decide on the combination that will best enhance my current knowledge and experience.

  1. Professional issues in computing (compulsory module semester A only)
  2. Databases (semester A only)
  3. Web application design (semester A and B)
  4. Principles and Applications of Web Services (semester A and B)
  5. IT Project (Compulsory module semester B only)

So.. Back to ‘creating’ the new look site, hope you like it when I’m done.

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