Murder, she wrote..

Stef was nagging me about my salt and butter intake due to the fact being a CFS sufferer apparently has me in the ‘high risk’ category for heart problems, he then made a joke about how nobody would notice if I carked it so long as he continued to tweet and facebook in my place (and he could since he has all my passwords) and it made me realise how right he is.

I wonder when someone will resurrect murder she wrote and use this premise for a kidnap or murder victim – if you can’t prove when someone actually went missing how can you even think to find them?

..and what about my previous idea of how twitpic and similar mobile photo sharing sites could ruin a persons life if a total stranger took your picture and tweeted that if they shouldn’t make it home then the subject of the image would be to blame – it’s a scary world in which we live now folks, the paranoia crew can seriously mess with your mind ;0p