2011 bucket list

Everyone’s done a few of those ‘Things to do before I die lists’ so this is my ‘things to do before the death of 2011’ list. I aim to have at least attempted everything on this list by December 31st 2011

  1. graduate with a 1st class honours in Bsc web based systems
  2. take Bella to a centerparcs
  3. create my own font (or 2)
  4. create a wordpress theme
  5. renew my passport
  6. present at another conference (probably BLU if i get my abstract in on time)
  7. do at least 5 of the beading tutorials I have saved to disc
  8. attend a beading workshop
  9. attend a wire working class
  10. attend a glasswork class
  11. try yoga or tai-chi
  12. start building my chronic calendar and symptom tracker app
  13. start consolidating all of my websites and blogs
  14. move house
  15. create a video documenting Bellas first 3 years
  16. Go to a spa with stef.

What are your plans (or hopes) for this year? do tell..

3 thoughts on “2011 bucket list

  1. Vics Post author

    bah, 6 is done, 14 isn’t going to happen until at least a year after one of us manages to find employment, 1 may happen – not sure until final results are posted.

    ..guess i’d best crack on with 13 then.

  2. Vics

    Heh sorry – I should add attend a west end musical with a Canadian *grin* I’ve not forgotten – and I’m REALLY looking forward to it!

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