Endings and fears

I’ll start by pointing out that I’m not your average student; I’m a woman in a field statistically more favourable to men and it’s been said by more than a few of my tutors that I have drive and focus beyond the norm.

If this is so then it’s probably because I’m a mature student with a hidden disability and a toddler.

As a mature student I already have experience of the workplace and know about the unspoken politics at play; I’m aware that I have to work three times as hard as the average student if I want to become employed at the end of my degree – especially in the current economic climate. I’ve experienced homelessness, I’ve experienced poverty to the stage where all I’ve had to eat are porridge oats and cold water (don’t recommend) and I’ve experienced the horror of the benefits process and all the ways they grind you down and try to stop you from trying to claim your due.

The drive and focus mentioned above are easily explained in one word: Fear.

I’m afraid that I’ll never get the chance to work again because:

  1. My illnesses dictate that realistically I can only take a part time position
  2. Already having a child also means the possibility of more time off work
  3. As a woman, what if I get pregnant again? (not something I’d do again through choice I assure you *shudders*

Yes, legally none of this should have any bearing on my fitness do do a job but an employer will have to consider the fact that the nature of my illness could result in a relapse and sick days without warning – which under the disability act they have to cater for; so even a part time employer may stumble a little when considering me.

These are the strikes I have against me even before an employer looks at my ability, so for me to compete in the working arena against able bodied folk younger than me without responsibilities, I have to perform well above average.

So, if I seem to be focussed on doing anything that will make me a more attractive candidate for work, imagine just how much harder I’ll work in an effort to retain that position should someone out there take a punt on me? If I can get a position whereby I can work flexi-time and/ or from home, mainly to my own schedule; I could do wondrous things people – just pray that somebody out there will give me the chance!

5 thoughts on “Endings and fears

  1. Diane Bulmer

    You have so much determination and enthusiasm and no matter what is thrown at you,you come up smiling.

    You show your technological skill and can explain it to non technical folk as well and work to time and project manage yourself along the way.

    Agree you have many qualities that employers are desperate for.

  2. K. Restoule

    Personally, I believe because you managed to get as far as you did with the first two things (if someone denies you a job because you “could” become pregnant, they need to have their asses sued off), that I think someone would be crazy to not hire you.

    I think if that one person doesn’t hire you, then it’s their own short sightedness.

    1. Vics Post author

      when you’re right, you’re right master K I guess the type of employer I worry about are exactly the kind of employer I shouldnt worry about as I’d not enjoy working for them even if I did get the job *salutes*

  3. Vics Post author

    WOW! *blush* thanks Nik – not sure what response I can give to such a glowing recommendation *grin* but I can see another layer of determination going on; I’m going to have to live up to this now!

  4. Nik Butler

    I have watched you as you progress through the course and I have answered one or two questions you posed to me on the way. When I ran a company that employed people yours was the Profile on a CV that I looked for. What you call fear I call determination; you want to do the job you are qualified to do. Consider this a reference from an individual with over 20 years IT experience.

    Vics (@rosevive ) Stringer is a dedicated IT enthusiast whose own drive and determination to learn , understand and control technology is demonstrated in her online presence and presentations. I would recommend Vics to any business that is looking for a candidate that will tackle the layers of technical delivery required in a modern technology environment.

    My advice to you employers and it is advice born from experience is to give you the space and the flexibility to work for them. Given a modern internet with high speed connectivity the requirements to be onsite are not as relevant as being on topic.

    Good luck Vics.

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