Slumlord? You tell me.

It’s a real pain in the arse when we have a problem with the flat, we have to go through the letting agents who then email/ leave a message for the property owner who will get back to them with an instruction that seems to be along the lines of ‘to fix whatever so long as he isn’t paying for it’ and they then rush around playing the blame game for a while and if we’re lucky it gets fixed.

I LONG for the day I have my own house and when something goes wrong the only worry I have is how much it will cost me as opposed to will I get permission for the fix to occur!

The flood we had on Saturday caused by the toddler in the flat upstairs being improperly supervised in the bathroom has caused such an issue – again.

I informed the letting agents on Saturday (apologies to my twitter and facebook friends for the ensuing ranting as I played Widow Twanky and commenced clean up) I was told somebody would be out on Monday to assess the damage.

Stupidly I assumed that this meant they were sending an electrician or a surveyor – someone qualified to tell if there was actual damage to the electrics in my bathroom and kitchen since these were the light fittings through which said flood occurred.

No, instead one of the office staff arrived with her clipboard and tutted about the shame that there are no visible signs of damage and that as long as the lights had dried out we should be fine to use them.

Um.. say what?!

Forgive me for being paranoid but I am the one who witnessed the deluge pouring from my ceiling – I’m not using those switches until someone with some training tells me it’s safe to do so!

She then said they wouldn’t be sending someone out until they had a guarantee that upstairs would be paying for it.

EXCUSE ME? I have a toddler here, I NEED the use of my windowless bathroom asap – not as and when you might be able to sort something out with the owner upstairs who is ON HOLIDAY IN AFRICA!

Thankfully, the owner upstairs has a capable sister who has sorted someone out for this evening to check her damage, she is sending him down to me directly afterwards; had I waited on Kings to sort something ..well, if it’s anything like the window fiasco I’d still be waiting seeing as that job has yet to be finished.

..and even before this flood occurred I’d asked them to come check out the water pump as once again it is dying on me; I asked about that as she was making notes on her clipboard. It seems they need to check our records to see who fixed it last time so they can come out and ‘do it properly’ meaning “we don’t want to pay so we’ll assume it’s their fault and you can put up with a grudging substandard botch job after we bully them into doing it – eventually” BUT despite asking about this a week ago AND reminding the lass I spoke to on Saturday when reporting the flood – they haven’t even bothered to check the records yet let alone sort out a repairman.

So.. has anyone got a reasonably priced house in Hatfield that a responsible family can move into asap? If you drop the rent by a couple hundred on the proviso we sort out our own issues as and when need be I’d probably love you forever into the bargain! #impossibledream