Acknowledgements and thanks..

Well, I have one more task before my degree is officially over and I can sit back and await the graduation ceremony notification email. Once my project demonstration is completed at 11:30 on the 16th June I’ll be an unemployed graduate, but I couldn’t have done any of it without the help of a few people and some awesome online resources:

The generous folk on Twitter, StackExchange and Quora who will answer a question or offer advice on further sources of information when they are unable to help directly and to Natasha Khilji for the loan of almost every book in the project bibliography and her continued support and advice this last year despite no longer being my tutor.

To the wordpress community for creating such a marvellous product and resource – I would REALLY have struggled without your efforts in building such an amazing repository of code and documentation. To Ricci Adams and the folk at Quizletfor the same as I feel the use of those flashcards and Ricci’s music theory tools really give my final year project a lift.

I have to give a shout out to the mobile app developer who made revision on the go possible; the Gabysoft Quizard lite application made accessing my Quizlet flashcards a breeze – and the lite version is free so major thanks for offering that option!

All of the above people helped in some substantial way to ensure i got to where I am today – whether they realise it or not, but there is one person without whom I would never even have managed getting as far as asking all of those others for the help and information received: I owe extra special thanks and undying gratitude to Stefanio Whittall (@titantulus) for his unstinting support as cook, cleaner, taxi driver and ‘daddy day care’. Without his efforts and background support this degree may never have happened at all.

So yeah, internet folks, friends and family – you guys ‘n’ gals make the world a better and brighter place and I’m so glad you’re on my side.
Thanks for everything
Vics xx