I’m sorry twitter but I love pinterest now, can we still be friends..?

Since breaking my phone and having to suffer the reduced data offerings of an intermittent 3g signal on the ‘new’ one, I’ve had less and less inclination to do anything online unless my laptop is fired up. So is it any shock that I’m spending less time on Twitter?

Some of you may say YES! others will merely ‘meh’. But it’s true, part of the reason I found twitter so compelling was its usefulness for discovering new information and finding links to things within my areas of interest – pinterest beats it hands down for everything but the e-learning stuff on my interest list (sadly not many images on those types of articles so can’t pin ’em) and to be honest, my interest in anything ‘work’ related is being slowly eroded the longer it’s taking me to find a job; I need to be challenged to find something of interest and having no work goal has slowly turned my interests in other directions as I try to keep from losing hope on the employment front.

Instead I now prefer to use twitter for chatting and find it more useful as a real time communication tool than as a place for learning: sorry Twitter, it isn’t you; it’s me. I’ve changed and I think we should maybe take a break and not see so much of each other… I admit it, I’ve found someone new – someone younger, prettier and more interesting than you, well, interestingly different anyway…

Pinterest is now my favourite way to spend time online of late; it cheers me up and sort of helps to straighten out any kinks in my thinking and gives me the enthusiasm and inspiration to try new things.

If having an active mind truly slows down the aging process then Pinterest will keep me young forever!

Through pinterest I have whittled down to the things that truly bring joy into my life, the things that I deem important enough to make time for – even if some of that time is just spent pinning ideas for when I also have the space and funds to allow that time to be used more productively. You want to know what they are? there’s no real shock to those of you who know me:

  1. making things (jewellery, crafty bits and web ‘stuff’)
  2. cuddling with Stef and Bella
  3. spending time with Claire
  4. reading
  5. singing

I’ve found that reading the ‘funnies’ and the ‘words of wisdom’ type boards make me feel more affectionate and forgiving and thankful for my family and the things we have, more content in myself and generally more ‘rooted’ in MY idea of me.
I like that feeling, especially if suffering a bad cfs day or when ‘pms’ fuelled dissatisfaction is kicking in; it brings me back around to a more reasonable, positive and receptive frame of mind.

The educational and ‘kids’ boards help me to come up with ideas to keep bella interested, happy and safe. The jewellery and craft boards feed my ideas and love of making pretty/ useful things (and the storage porn on there is just too awesome to behold) I’ve even discovered a small germ of  enthusiasm for cooking through the wild and wonderful collection of recipes that people have pinned – and even *gasp* cleaning and decluttering.

There is no denying that it can be an absolute time sink and could even be compared to the Red Dwarf ‘better than life’ idea, but if you lack focus in your life it is invaluable in staving off despair and offering solutions; I’m currently working on a back-up plan to the employment issue thanks to several ‘kick up the arse’ type pinners and will gladly spend time on that site over tv – if nothing else I get exercise through jumping up every few pins to check on ingredients/ craft items/ space which never happens when i’m link chasing elsewhere and Stef has the dubious pleasure of seeing the effects of my ‘tidying’ (which depending on energy levels involves moving furniture around and utilising strange items unconventionally to make better use of our minimal living space)

It keeps me happy – what does it do for you? have you tried it or are you scared of being sucked in…? It’s been around long enough now not to be classed a fad so are you a pinner convert or not?