Because the night…

…Does not just belong to lovers. Oh aye, it’s been a while but having just stepped outside to drop the rubbish round to the communal bins I was struck with how much more ALIVE I feel at night. It reminded me of all the times I would go for long walks in the dark by myself and how much I loved the feel of the night time air on my skin and the quality of that air in my lungs.

Yup – much as I adore sunshine these days I have to admit that I still prefer the night and were I the single lass I once was with no ties or obligations I’d doubtless still be taking those midnight-3am rambles through the dark. I know, it’s not considered safe – and yes, were elf ever to do such a thing I’d likely kick off into the stratosphere because motherhood makes you irrational like that but still, being outside under the stars feels like freedom.

It’s quieter, less crowded and that little hint of possible danger just heightens your awareness of everything around you making the limitless possibilities of life more apparent. Everybody needs a touch of that in their life I reckon. Except elf – she will remain in her tower until she finds a prince to carry her off away from her dragon of a mother.