All grown up.

I had a moment yesterday. One of those eureka moments that come when you least expect them.

I was at the vitality show in London, it’s been an annual event for me and a friend for the last 3 years; more an excuse for a girls day out than anything else but we enjoy it. This moment happened while I was waiting for her late arrival; a stall holder stopped me and asked “are you happy with your life and the direction it has taken?” And my unhesitating response was “yes.”

I will admit that there are aspects of my life that could be improved but I have no doubt in my mind that those improvements will occur in time.

The whole show up to that point had seemed a little disappointing; usually at an event of this type I will learn something new to enrich myself or empower myself in some way but this year, nothing. I’d heard it all before or was already doing it. That is when it hit me.

I finally fit in my own skin. I know myself and more importantly I’m happy with myself. I bloody ROCK! That was my take home from this years event and its the best yet. Who knew I’d be all grown up and matured by the age of 36? Not me that’s for sure. I’ll just clap my hands, do a jig and blow an imaginary trumpet for a while before getting some kip, long day of marking ahead of me but you know what? I don’t mind. Life is good people, you just have to live it.