Insomnia speaks

I’m lying on the mattress on the floor, listening to the Minecraft incidental music playing through the TV on the other side of the chest of drawers separating the ‘bedroom’ from the ‘lounge’. It’s been 9 months and we’re still in the council bedsit. But we now have a key each at least, and storage and a freezer; we gave up believing in temporary and are making the best of what we have while we wait for fortunes to change. I’m leaving the college in July to search for a job that isn’t on a zero hour contract basis so that if we’re still here I can at least start looking for somewhere aside from social housing: damned letting agents and their refusal to see past the ‘zero’!. I’m also trying my damnedest to finally get a driving license as that would enable us to look farther afield for somewhere to live that better fits our budget. That’s the thing a lot of people don’t get: in order to make a change for the long-term better, you sometimes have to make a short term change for the worse, I know that quitting a well paid job seems counterintuitive​ but having our house sold out from under us by the landlord was the kick up the arse I needed to ditch a tiring, stressful job that pays well, in order to find something that may not have as great an hourly rate but will ultimately lead to a better work-life balance and the ability to find a home. I’m not daft, I haven’t quit the uni as well – that at least is a rolling fixed term contract, and it covers most of our immediate outgoings. ..But the 2 college jobs have to go; I will go stack shelves at minimum wage if it means I get a proper contract that facilitates a suitable roof over my head and more quality time with my family. Zero hour contracts are a cancer so far as employee security is concerned: we’d have moved ages ago if a letting agent would even consider us – I’ll never accept that type of employment ever again: regardless of the hourly rate! Nor will I consider shift work, that’s the quickest way to return to bedridden hell when you have ME/CFS. Nope, I plan to take my time and build up my energy reserves again then find the right career compromise: I’m heartily sick of living in storage.