Tenerife ho!

So my stepmum decided that we all deserve a proper beach holiday to take us away from crappy reality and she’s booked a villa 10 minutes away from a white sand beach. Sun, sea, sand, exposed skin, being outside all day…This is my idea of hell: I am so not a beach bunny! But, the villa looks like my idea of heaven, so while my family all go play in the sun, I can skulk in the shade and use the villa wi-fi to catch up on some well earned Netflix time. I know I won’t be able to avoid the beach and water park visits completely (it is a FAMILY holiday after all) but I reckon I can claim at least 2 rest days while we’re there – let’s just hope it’s not due to sunstroke… I had planned to take my laptop to get some marking done but was ordered not to on pain of never hearing the end of it. My stepmum is awesome.