So it’s been a LOoooooong slog in the bedsit but yesterday we picked up the keys to a flat that could not be more central to everywhere we need had I built it myself! Ok yes, it’s a flat which means we’ll need to keep a garage to store all of our unnecessary garden stuff (and the bikes) but this place is secure! I don’t mean the locks, I mean that we do not have to worry about being kicked out due to the landlord selling or needing it back; that is the true beauty of social housing, yes it is cheaper to rent than public property but that is just a (very welcome and necessary) bonus to me: not having the worry of a forced move again is the REAL reason to want this. Next to owning your own home it’s the best option out there, so as home ownership is forever out of our grasp due to house prices I should be thankful the last sale made us homeless so we’ve been able to achieve real security at last.

I’m skipping and dancing down the road today, dressed in my oldest rattiest clothes so I can paint the walls of our new home. We’re picking out flooring tomorrow: yes, the other bonus of social housing is that we have complete control over the decor! 

Joy, bliss, happiness and peace: my emotions today. Tomorrow they may be rage as negotiations commence with the hubby over what exactly we will be purchasing for the new place, but even that is something to look forward to! Man! Life is good!