So, elf has the day off school, my gardening hubby has the day off work and earlier this evening the Uni announced it too was closing doors so FAMILY DAY!

Mind you – I had to cancel 12 support bookings so many emails have been sent and responded to this evening – the conversation chains for a couple of those students was quite lengthy; pity I don’t have a better PC/Laptop as I could’ve just Skype’d them instead. Ah well, here’s hoping Tuesday is OK on the Uni front or another 14 students will be unhappy with me..!

But SNOW DAY! Elf is quite excited as you can imagine. I foresee a quick trip to the Galleria (if it’s open) to buy her a new coat, and himself wishes to go to the cinema – also means eating out will likely be occurring so yey to no cooking! Elf needs to write her Christmas cards and I also plan to play some more with my shrink plastic: did a couple of test pieces the other night – that stuff is FUN! Also found a couple of tutorials on YouTube to use it with my Ranger UTEE meltpot so experimentation may well be occurring. More origami boxes need to be made and the necklaces elf wants me to make for her friends need doing – but I think we’ve sorted the designs out now and tomorrow she gets to help me do that.

We are so nailing this ‘getting ready for Christmas’ thing!