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My dulcet tones – enjoy..

Testing out flash video functionality

I’ve just recently added another plugin to this blog because I want to start adding video content (without uploading to youtube first) I know I’m a tad late coming to the v-log sphere but better late than never eh?!

Why now? you may ask, well, I have a new toy.

The flip ultraNot the new toy that Stef recieved for his birthday, but the new toy I received from the university a couple of days ago.

That’s right – from Uni! Free, gratis and for NOWT *massive grin*

..OK so at some point I may have to give it back but for at least the next 4 months it’s MINE!

I’m to use it for the collation of interviews and meetings/ classes relating to the CABLE project of which I am the student steering group leader, some of which may find their way into the BLU presentation in a few months time.

So obviously I’ve had to play with it, get a feel and plan out what I intend to film – right?


Which is why I have a ton of footage like this of our 5 month old smiler ;0p
Now all I need to tweak are the compression settings and I’m up ‘n’ running! Web 3.0 here I come..

A guide to English accents in the UK and abroad.

This video details Uk accents:


I watched this and had at least 2 laugh out loud moments, the guy has it almost right – give it a go, just try not to be offended because stereotypes are rife *grin*

This one is for accents outside the Uk, I didn’t find it quite as funny, but my reference points are few and far between..


Facebook and SingSnap

..The latest things to keep me occupied online.

Facebook is probably something most of you already know about (and if so, why have you not invited me into your network *shakes head in disgust*) it’s a social network site but it certainly beats faceparty/ facepic/ lookitsme and the like hands down.
It has the option to create photo albums, leave ‘notes’ (very twitter like) and you can leave comments (like myspace but without the bugs and viruses) it’s a very friendly piece of kit and me likee muchly, I’ve also found several people on there that I lost contact with a while back through the groups option. Yup, if you’re not on facebook you’re wasting your time *grin*

Now, the really fun one.. SingSnap. It’s currently in beta testing but I have 10 invites going spare, any karaoke lovers in da howse? just leave a note in the comments and i’ll email you one. It’s thanks to Kevvybabes i know about this (and facebook for re-uniting me with him) basically it’s a site for karaoke lovers, you can choose a song from the virtual book (and it’s a biggie) if you have webcam set up you can record visual as well as audio but it doesn’t matter if you don’t, you then get to choose whether to save it as a public or a private recording and away you go.

Ok, so it’s not as good as actually going to a karaoke nor is it brilliant for showcasing your singing talents, it is a fun piece of software though and since it’s all online you don’t need anything beyond a mic and speakers, it also has it’s own thriving community on the messageboards and in the chatrooms, and if you happen to have a few buddies signed up and recording you can do duets and harmonised tracks – without even being in the same country never mind the same room.. For something this good in beta I’m interested to see how well it stands up when it goes fully live.

Just one piece of advice, unless they’re there to join in, don’t try recording with someone else in the flat.. Git. 😉

Swahili, my first time..

I have here an audio post, the idea came to me about 30 minutes or so after posting yesterdays challenge (which you are more than welcome to take up btw *grin* assuming you haven’t already of course…)
Basically – you can all head over and thank daddy Mutta for this, quite frankly, pathetic attempt at using another language. It’s short at least – I don’t claim to be as talkative as the mango radio bunch…

>>>>>>>>>>>> CLICK HERE(and find out why I’ve listed that little lot underneath)

chakula – “chah-koo-lah” – food
kiti – “kee-tee” – chair
ruka – “roo-kah” – jump

1 – one – moja (mo-jah)
2 – two – mbili (mm-bee-lee)
3 – three – tatu (tah-too)
4 – four – nne (nn-nay)
5 – five – tano (tah-no)
6 – six – sita (see-tah)
7 – seven – saba (sah-bah)
8 – eight – nane (nah-nay)
9 – nine – tisa (tee-sah)
10 – ten – kumi (koo-me)

“Kwaheri, tuta onana mwaka mpya”!