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Ok, to fill you all in on just why my posting has been pants for the last few months and why I’ve been so ill and why I’ve barely posted anything else. You see, when you have something big happening in your life it’s all you want to write about – especially on a personal blog like this, but no..
My beloved has been adamant that we shouldn’t tell people our news until after we’ve had the first scan and know for sure that everything is ok – I’ve not been able to blog or stay online because it’s just too hard to keep the secret to myself, but Friday night he went out with all his male cousins and they got to hear the news in the pub – even though we won’t be going for the scan until tuesday..

That’s right, when sat face to face with them all he just couldn’t wait 3 days LOL

I’m just amazed he held off this long – I’ve been dying to tell all those people not in the know *rubs hands in glee* I can just see the fear on their faces now..

Me: “We’re BREEDING!”

Them “NOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo..”

It’s a DNA cocktail the likes of which even Mohinder Suresh would quiver to see. Truly this is the DNA melding of doom.

And we couldn’t be happier. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Newt may not have been planned for for a couple more years but he or she (we think he) is the luckiest kid on the planet and we’re chuffed t’buggry about it. Everything happens for a reason remember 😉

I have to say though – there truly is NOTHING pleasent about pregnancy, it’s actually very similar to early stages CFS/ME as far as the worry and constant tiredness goes, the sickness is basically just like Menieres disease (only without the vertigo and deafness) so all in all I was well prepared for the expected physical nastiness.

But it’s weird. I’ve been able to feel my insides moving around to accomodate everything, even though I’m barely showing I can feel the weight of it all being distributed differently when I’m lying down – and it makes for an uncomfortable nights sleep I can tell you; first on the shopping list is definitely a body pillow!
Thankfully the sickness has died off a tad so I’m not retching at every noxious smell that crosses my path (that was embarrassing) and the whole ‘boob’ thing has settled down. I’ve basically been living on fruit, cereal, potatoes and vegetables because I couldn’t bear the thought of most meats, cheese, pasta and (believe it or not) chocolate or cake and I’ve gone from massive plates of food to kiddie portions. Chocolate has been the first thing to sneak back into the diet since the morning sickness began to wear off, but I still can’t face the rest and don’t know if I ever will again!

The thing is, NOW.. Oh yes.. NOW the cravings have finally arrived.

Last night, around 10pm I went and asked the father of my child what time the local shop shut, he replied ‘now’ and I nearly burst into tears. I wanted original flavour Pringles and I wanted ’em BAD!

He on the other hand found it hilarious, here we are in a house that has more pickled goods than you can shake a stick at (his mum has an allotment and they freeze and jar their own veg and sauces and preserves) and I don’t want the traditional ‘pickles and ice cream’ I want crisps – but not ANY crisps, I’d already been through the cupboards and rejected everything in there, I knew what I wanted and just as you’d expect, we didn’t have any.
But I mean.. of all things! PRINGLES!?! ..And original flavour to boot! C’mooooon! the lad is supposed to walk the ends of the earth to find me granite flavoured ice cream or peel spuds at 1am so I can have chips and maple syrup. But no – I wanted Pringles, it’s just so disappointing.

Mind you, I’ve come to the conclusion it’s all down to your subconscious kicking off with the nesting thing so you stock up on stuff – now that I have pringles in the house I don’t want them, instead I want chocolate mousse/ dessert/ pudding or whatever the sauce stuff in those cadburys pots is known as. Basically, if you haven’t got it in the house and can’t easily get hold of it – you’ll crave it.
Which sucks.

Still, we’re REALLY looking forward to Tuesday and our first glimpse of Newt, we should even get to hear his little heartbeat – I’m so excited! Expect many ‘mommy blogger’ type posts on here in the future because it is literally pretty much all I can think about. College have been great about it and Nick, my year tutor, has already put into place some options for next year – but that’s a whole other post because right now I’m off to bed – building a baby is bloody knackering y’know!

Banana cake

Today I have reigned supreme in the kitchen.. Only because himself wasn’t here of course, but supremely reigning I was indeedy.
I have made the lightest, tastiest banana and pecan cake ever. Seriously – it’s to die for. It could be because I used half the sugar I normally do, it could be because I used eggs laid by the most cossetted chickens in the country (now hows that for knowing where your food came from eh?!) or maybe it’s because I finally got wise to the vagaries of our cooker and managed to not burn the bottom whilst leaving the middle undercooked (as usually happens)

Either way – a triumph. it may not last the night though so here’s hoping I can repeat this marvel by the time we have guests.

I felt like sharing something that caught my eye in the local free paper (sadly the story isn’t in the online edition so I can’t show you) Did you know that school children can now learn to operate in ER?!
I kid you not.

Hope hospital have a health program going on that around 30 kids from 2 local schools are taking part in. They get to ‘play’ with a simulator that moans, groans, vomits, bleeds and even has a pulse for them to take. I reckon if I’d had the chance to do this course when I was around the age 14 then maybe I’d have shown some interest in learning more about medicine myself.

Finally – something in our education system I’m not shaking my head in despair over!

High school musical

I’ve seen this thing everywhere – and I do mean everywhere, Claire started talking about it tonight because apparantly all her kids love it (by ‘her kids’ I mean the ones she teaches music to) so I asked her what the deal was – this sparked off a huge discussion with her sister about the best tunes and why it reminded them of the brit school etc etc

After about 5 minutes of this I repeated the ‘whats so good about it?’ question and they put it on.

I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in ages – yes, most of the tunes are quite cool and catchy, some of the characters are amusing and look as though they’re supposed to be, but the acting?! Oh man! I know it’s a kids film but some of it was so wooden and well.. crap that I had to laugh. But in a way that was part of the reason I enjoyed the film – it reminded me so much of some of the people I’ve known in my life – both from school and the 4 years I studied theatre and from my musical experiences. The characters are 2 dimensional at best but it’s a light fluffy film with a bouncy score, great for kids and ok for a nights entertainment if you’re not up for anything even remotely taxing.

Not one I’d rush out to buy though..

We also ate out at some American diner type place in Cheam.. I wasn’t that impressed – Stefs turned me into a food snob. I was actually horrified when the waiter came over and asked if we were finished with the dressings (they came in 4 bowls with tea spoons on a tray) he then handed them over to another table – surely that’s a hygiene no-no? for all he knew we’d licked the spoons (we hadn’t but that’s beside the point)

I had a chicken salad because my stomachs been dodgy all day and I figured I was safer with raw food.. Didn’t expect the chicken to show up that way though – I know a little pink can be a sign of well cooked chicken so I wasn’t too fussed at first, but as I peeled away the layers of flesh it went from slightly pink to white to red and that can’t be good.
At least the chocolate fudge cake was as expected. You can’t go wrong with hot fudge.

Oh.. and the thing that tickled me the most today?
I overheard a conversation between 2 builders while travelling from Clapham junction to Sutton, one was extolling the virtes of an eatery somewhere near timperly road – whilst giving directions to the other lad he said “It’s just at the corner of the road that lad was shot the other week” I had to bite my cheeks to keep from laughing out loud.

A. surely there is something a little more permanent to use as a landmark

B. would you really seek out a place to visit in an area known for gun crime?

No wonder the food is so cheap mate.

Dirty weekend in Durham

Well, not really a dirty weekend, but it sounds good *grin*

One of Stef’s friends got married on Saturday, we had to go really – he made Stef do a reading at the wedding (which he got through in magnificent style despite his qualms about using the word ‘foibles’ *chuckle*) When we tried to book a room at the hotel where the wedding was being held there seemed to be none available so we booked a cottage in West Aukland instead:

front roomkitchen

As you can see, the cottage was gorgeous, not a warm place by any means, but certainly comfortable, the furnishings were obviously handpicked to suit the surroundings – and there was even a framed picture of Henry VIII on the windowsill.

Lumley castle hotel appears to be very much the same – albeit on a larger scale. The wedding was fabulous and the best mans speech definitely one of the funniest I’ve heard (and seen) in a while, peppering the pauses with childhood photo’s of the groom on the big screen was just sheer genius!The best part had to be the dinner though – just thinking about that food has me salivating! Never have i had such an outstanding meal at a wedding – and I’ve been to a few, I’m more than happy to go back and eat in the restaurant if the wedding fare was a true sample..

It was not just the food that made the meal though. We were entertained muchly by the cousin of the best man. He has some interesting theories about our history and that of an alien race due to return sometime in the next 4 years (I was carrying on duel conversations so I missed the exact details) he quite happilly passed around photo’s of stones from Scotland and slightly farther shores as proof of alien life.

Stef had to jump in and question his sanity though when he unveiled his money making scheme.
Apparantly he has the coordinates of a pyramid deep under the sea, found while travelling the world in search of these stones. He wants to sell this information to the highest bidder and go on an expidition to document it – and I’m talking millions of pounds here – the guy doesn’t think small!

I know, it sounds like the synopsis of a hollywood blockbuster – to be honest he’d have more luck selling an idea for that than these coordinates, but after checking with his cousin it seems he is deadly serious.
They all treat it as a big joke but I’ve rarely come across a person as passionate as he is about his cause, he takes the ribbing good naturedly but about him there’s an air of “I know Im right so say what you will, i’ll leave you with your
delusions, you’ll soon be laughing on the other side of your face..”

He’s even got a radio interview scheduled in Berlin about it, apparantly he figured there’s a higher percentage of people over there likely to be interested in what he has to say, Britain is just too small..

Would you believe the guy was willing to pay some company £35 a month to keep a website going!? It’s not even one with a database or shopping cart, he just wants a small 1-2 page affair with writing and sample pictures, I told him he was nuts to pay that – especially considering he already has the domain name and email set up. After a long chat I said I might be willing to help him set up a website, I hate to see people ripped off and £35pm for what he wants is bloody daylight robbery! I’ll let you guys know if anything comes of that but first I’ve promised my bass player I’d do one for his business so that takes priority – he asked first.

Anyhow it was a great day, we didn’t do anything too taxing but there was a lot of standing around and conversation tires me, towards the latter part of the meal I was stumbling over my words again and resorting to more of the dark chocolate fix to get me through (I don’t think anyone noticed though, they were all drinking so I probably fit in quite well)

Sunday was a bit of a let down because I’d obviously used up my energy quotient the day before, but at least I was spending all day in bed in extremely pleasent surroundings, today we stopped off at Botany bay on the way home, what a waste of time and money! They make you pay to go in and it’s basically a big pile of cack! it’s just a cluster of trading units 90% of which is crafts and junk, on the plus side after seeing what they were charging for some of the stuff it made me feel better about my jewellary making skills – I saw nothing as intricate as my stuff, I should really start selling it soon.

Christmas crashes and goodwill to all men

On the whole I’ve not had too bad a holiday season, good company, great food and many a gift all combine to create a feeling of general goodwill, the only fly in the ointment was this crappy illness rearing it’s ugly little head and preventing me from seeing my bestest bud.

We’d gone round to one of Stefs cousins for the evening, I was feeling a bit tired but since I practically always feel a bit tired it didn’t flag any warnings, it was just after we’d eaten I started to feel myself slipping into the more exhausted state I get just before I crash, excusing myself from the table I went to lay down on the couch and endured the nasty bubbling blood/ prickly skin sensation a bad one brings and managed to slip into a real sleep state.

When Stef woke me up to say we were leaving it was pretty apparant I was having a bad one, I just couldn’t move – I had to fight to be at least semi conscious as he struggled with my shoes and coat, sadly to no avail – I still had to be carried down  several flights of stairs by Stef and his brother-in-law (both making pointed remaks about the benefits of dieting the whole time)
The worst part of it was that I got frustrated at not being able to move or speak and so I started crying – then I got embarrassed and couldn’t stop crying which in turn made me feel even more embarrassed, thankfully Stef’s sister broke the rather stunned silence this brought about and carried on the conversation they were having which helped me gain a little control over my emotions, but I’ll be squirming about that one for ages.
Sadly this little episode meant that I had to cancel visiting my bestest bud the next day – I spent practically all day in bed again *sigh* I seem to be doing that a lot lately,
We stopped off to see my baby bro in Northampton and ended up going to an indian restaurant – but it was like no Indian restaurant I’ve been before – and trust me, we’ve got the corner on Indian restaurants in Manchester – Rusholme and the curry mile are famous – yet they’ve got nothing on this place.
If you happen to be passing through Northampton I’d suggest stopping by Cardamom City on Wellingborough road – I had my doubts when we passed by, it seemed a little too ‘swish’ but despite the incredibly expensive looking exterior the food is reasonably priced and tastes fabulous, the staff are attentive and uber polite – and this is the first Indian restaurant I have ever seen with female staff, it’s a nice touch.
I had the Mogali chicken, very similar to a korma but with Mano pieces, unlike the usual portions you get in an Indian, these come nicely presented and it’s just enough to fill you up without having to force it all down in an attempt not to waste food, I wouldn’t recommend the desserts though, it was the only thing that let the place down – I like my desserts.


I had a full blog post in my head, it was sat there eagerly awaiting escape to the net.
But it’s gone.
*sigh* my head is so full of holes these days I can’t seem to retain a thought for more than 5 minutes.
I’m blaming therapy (even though I’ve only been once) I have to go back today with my excersize diary. I lead an incredibly boring life.
It’s true. The most interesting parts of my week are the driving lessons. If I’m not reading or beading then I’m online, I crash around 3 times a week and according to this, dizzy spells occur at least twice a week and the pain is a constant with several ‘spikes’ of nastiness occurring intermittantly.
So despite doing nothing anyway, whats the betting this bird tells me I’m doing too much? *sigh* I only do about 5hrs worth of walking in a week and it’s generally just to do shopping or walking to the pub (when I go, that seems to have dwindled down to maybe once a month now)

I’m fed up.
Still, we’re going to the Lakes this weekend and I’m having a girly night in with Debs on wednesday where I can worship her adorable little girls and eat my weight in chocolate (something I rarely do since I’ve managed to mostly cut chocolate out of my diet)
That’s what’s up with me.
I need chocolate. It’s a woman thing.

Actually I wouldn’t mind another of the fondues me and the bloke shared last night at the Gaucho grill. We’d been all organised and decided ahead of time what we were going to eat (online menu’s are great) only to discover that the meal I had my heart set on wasn’t on the menu at the restaurant *sniff* so I had a spatchcocked chicken instead. Stef just raved about his steak and we both dribbled when discussing the dessert on the way home.
Divine doesn’t even cover it! The fondue was a toffee sauce with a selection of pineapple, figs, banana fritters and strawberries to dunk in it – tell ya what, next time we’re not sharing.
One each, it’s just too nice to share!

The staff were lovely and unlike most restaurants the tables are spaced so that it’s possible to eat and chat without having to listen to the table next to you or worry about being overheard should you lower your voice to whisper sweet nothings…

We will definitely be going there again (when we have some money… It aint cheap! Worth every penny though *salivates in remembrance*)

Ugh, my therapy time creeps ever closer… Don’t get me wrong, she’s a really nice bird, incredibly easy to talk to – but it makes me feel so… ‘American’…

fud and a request

This was going to be an audio post but then I figured I’d take pity on your poor ears and not bother – mainly because I started yawning after every other word and sitting silently for a few minutes attempting to think of something to say.
Pants eh?!

Funny though – as soon as I put the mic away I start typing bollocks. Figures.

I’m a little confused by a trend in my stats.

I wrote this post way back in July last year – yet I can easily promise that over 25% of my weekly hits are from searches on its content.
This disturbs me.

I know there are a lot of people out there with differing sexual tastes, but come oooon…
Still, I suppose if you want a wild, out of the ordinary hen night it might be for you – you’d be advised to never tell the blokes about it though – and pray they never see the video.

Well, I’ve tidied up a bit, got some bread baking (and I cannot wait for that to be done, I’m bloomin’ peckish!) started updating my book and dvd lists (yes, I’m listing everything I own because I’m sad like that)
I started thinking about food (no surprise since I’m hungry) it’s the one subject besides music, ok and films, books, games, TV…

OK – it’s A subject that anyone can talk about for hours on end.

As far as food goes I’ll try anything once – assuming I can stand the smell of it, if something smells bad it aint going in my mouth (so that already rules out most of the cheeses my man loves) But the one thing that practically always makes me feel like heaving is minced meat.

I don’t know what it is but stick a plate of spaghetti bolognese in front of me and I’ll be less than impressed – when I was a kid it’d literally send me running to the toilet to hurl, these days I can politely grin and eat a few mouthfulls but I don’t actually like it. Same with lasagne, chilli – even cottage pie (though the mash makes that more edible than the others)
I’m just not a fan of minced meat. Perhaps it’s the texture, or maybe it’s just the memories of spag bol= vomit. Who knows?
Just a little something to bear in mind should I ever be invited to feast at yours…

Now, if you love me you’ll do a little something for me.

I like reading blogs – hell, we all do otherwise what the feck ye doing here?
With that in mind I’d like you to go through your posts and pick three that you are either most proud of, ashamed of or would like to go back to and add to, link them together in a post stating what it is about the ones you’ve picked that made you pick them.



  1. I’m lazy and haven’t read everyone’s archives yet.
  2. I think it’d be interesting to see your own ‘now’ comments on posts you wrote a while back – that and the comments other people leave you about your choices, and to see just what you think of as interesting or important enough to rise above everything else you’ve written…
  3. I just like things to be done in three’s but feel free to pick more or less if you do it.

I will do it myself if someone out there does it first *grin* I’m going along the lines of show me yours and I’ll show you mine…

**sits and waits for the utter disappointment of not one response**

new things

I’ve realised something very important this year.
Pumpkin seeds are very tasty indeed.
Can you believe that I never knew you had to crack the shell before eating seeds?
I’ve always thought people who ate that stuff were loopy because it just tasted like dry nastiness whenever I’d tried them, I’d pick one up, think it was a bad idea, then be proved right as I hacked and spat the husk out of my mouth while gasping for water to swill the remains away with.
Stef didn’t half laugh at me when he found out – now I’m addicted to the bloomin’ things.

See, all go in my life it is – the excitement never starts.

I’m looking forward to flaunting my new purple scarf in front of Dawn though – it may turn into a fight to the death to retain it since she also has impecable colour taste. (My life is more interesting than it sounds I promise you)

google rule the www

Hmm… I’m beginning to think that Google are trying to take over the webiverse.
I know – you already knew that, what can I say? I’m a little slow.
Anyhow, if you want to try the new google talk thing but seem to be lacking a gmail account (um…Why?) don’t worry – both K and I can hand ’em out like toffee.
…Invites that is, not toffee. Neither of us are made of money y’know!

Speaking of sweets – Is it true that you poor sods in America don’t get Cadburys chocloate? I’m considering entering the design a wrapper competition, even though I’m going to need to google an imac – I’m so not a technogeek. But that will have to wait as I move away from the screen (it’s sending me a little queasy again) and head back to the couch where I’ve been all night, pitying myself because I was too ill to go to the pub with the rest of ’em.
It’s not all bad though – The Truman show’s just started.
I do have interesting and insightful things to say – really I do. They’ll just have to wait until I’m less crap (could be a while *grin*)

Valentines the first

My bloke is truly a complete and utter darling.

True… By 8pm I’d decided that he’d fallen asleep and forgotten he was coming over to do a ‘valentines thing’ with me.
Then he rang and said he’d lost track of time apologies etc… fair enough – at least he was awake (yes, he did that once before so I am at liberty to remind him of it every time the opportunity presents itself, I love being female *grin*)

Anyhow, the house is spotless, the chilled tunes are playing, the candles (purchased that day) are burning merrily and all I’m waiting on is my beloved.

Do you know why my lovely lil laddie was late? Do you?!

Nope? Well I shall tell you.

He MADE me chocolates. Handmade truffles. If you’ve never experienced a tongue orgasm before just taste one of these beautys. Seriously – that’s just the sweetest (no pun intended) thing any guy has ever done for me.
And they just… WOW!!!
For real – I’m going to get the recipe off him so I can stick it on here and let you all envy my good fortune. As it is – I’m heading back down to eat another, these are so not going to last another day, my will power is just not that strong.