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Decisions made like a responsible adult

I have decided that if neither adult in this household is employed when my current hosting runs out then this blog will be transferred to a local installation with all my other ‘web stuff’.

It’s a decision made because currently this is a self-indulgent hobby site that serves no real purpose. Initially I bought the domain and hosting because I wanted to further my knowledge of web design and this was to be my playground. Well it served its purpose admirably in that regard but now I know enough about the web that I’d be best served playing on the development environment I have set up offline; having a blog on my own domain is nice but unnecessary, I am NOT a ‘brand’ or business and so until that becomes the case I’m better off reverting to an interface that requires no financial outlay. ..and on the plus side it also means I can have a truly private journal again.

Why is a private journal such a plus..? Well, I used to write as a means of blowing off steam, it was cathartic and helped me to cope with stress and worry as well as to sort out in my own mind the things that were truly bothering me – as soon as I put all of those thoughts on the web and allowed people access to it I had to censor what I write, the more I learned about the web the more I censored – I even deleted several posts in an effort to ‘spin’ my ‘image’ (stupid as I think the wayback machine has everything cached but heyho, you can have a looksee if you really want to..)

Yes, I know I could create a private journal and keep the public one but that’s hassle, why not just have one journal and use category tags to separate the content?  That way if I do upload my blatherings in the future I can just remove the private stuff and have all my education, social media, web and jewellery musings available for those of you inclined to read it.

So.. has served me well but it’s time to let it go, I shall be backing everything up and getting things shipshape as i’m 90% decided to do this even if one or both of us do gain employment before the June deadline: If I do create a website for myself in future it will be under a different domain using my own name and not the username I’ve had for so many years (probably).

There was a slight twinge at the thought of giving up the google juice I’ve garnered through this blog but a search on 3 different search engines shows that “vicky stringer” will likely still have me in the top three if not the coveted top spot in the UK listings (and in one case global listings) with my linkedin and twitter profiles – although that may also change once the links to this blog are removed; but even that’s not a bad thing.

As I said before I’m not a brand or a business, I’m just an individual with nothing to sell; let the coveted top spot go to someone who really wants and needs it and let me fade into some of the less checked results until such time as I choose to do something more productive with my ‘skills’.

Saving money and using resources responsibly is the name of the game for 2012 as far as I’m concerned; this is my first step. I’m getting my virtual house in order and downsizing; what are you doing..?

So.. I’m a graduate – pending results. Now what?

Well, there’s continuing development on the wordpress site I created for my final year project, a site I’m setting up for another friend and of course this place needs a little TLC now I finally have the time.

But the mental challenge of a job would be preferable. Yes, I know I’m stuck looking for part-time but part-time work in an interesting job is better than full time incapacity benefit stuck at home where my only interaction with the outside world is via twitter! (even if it doesn’t pay as much)

I do have a few personal challenges that are admittedly more ‘aim’ than ‘objective’;

1. Create a wordpress e-learning theme that is scorm compliant and at least attempts to be WCAG AAA compliant
2. Write a few nettuts that are payment worthy.
3. Create some fantastic geek jewellery.
4. Create some beautiful ‘normal’ jewellery.
5. Learn more about moodle and blackboard
6. Create my symptom tracker web app
7. Find someone to consider my web taxonomy ideas (a whole other post)
8. Learn to use all available google tools
9. Write an academic research paper fit for publishing
10. Learn to drive (actually this one IS an objective)
11. (just for @lesleyconner and my dad) write a book/ story

And then there’s the ‘none work’ stuff I want to do with my family and friends;

1. Teach bella to read
2. Go on holiday to centerparcs
3. Go and visit friends abroad
4. Take bella to a sandy beach, make a sandcastle and bury stefanio (purely for the photo op)
5. Family photo shoot
6. REGULAR Karaoke with Claire
7. Write some songs with Claire
8. Have a mass gathering of geeks with kids somewhere with a bouncy castle and a wide open space for running games.
9. Visit an aquarium, science and ‘normal’ museums with bella
10. Have a ‘dirty weekend’ spa break with stef.

Hmm.. notice how all the family and friend stuff costs money but most of the work stuff is free? Guess I need that job first after all *grin*

Who wants to pay me good money to do the stuff in the first list? Feel free to contact me; i’m now open to offers ;o)

If I win the lottery tonight, you’re invited!

I’ve already tweeted about the party to end all parties aka biggest tweet-up in history – that’s right, with a £17.8 million jackpot I would SO be meeting all of my net buddies, and I figure if I pay for you all to drag partner and offspring along for the fun then it’ll help show there’s a definite advantage to using social media *grin*
..but how would I meet over 200 people at one party for long enough to have a decent conversation?

Which is why I said this:


A week should give me enough time to meet folks and I reckon the #lottoparty hashtag would be trending within minutes *grin*

So say I squander around £3m on the party, £1m on house and furnishings. What then?

Obviously Bella would need a £1m trust fund and we’d have to set aside £1m for the likely sibling to follow (hey, a multimillionairess can have kids without worrying about anything while a CFS ridden student can’t) £5m split between various family members £2m on taxes (probably) and £2m in savings to fund the house etc then the rest can go on a business venture.

Yup – a business venture. I’m damned if i’ll kill myself getting a 1st and then do nothing with my degree!
I even know who my first lot of employees would be: @elmundio87 for code duties and whoever he recommended to me that he wanted to work with, a lad I know called Meyrick for the graphic design (he’s a graphical genius) @musobubble for most of my musical needs and as contractors (since I’m guessing they’d not give up their own businesses to work for me) @philwoodmusic to fill the gaps @musobubble can’t and @loudmouthman for sheer genius and guidance.

..I’d also have to try and lure away a couple of my old tutors for the e-learning side of things; Natasha Khilji (database and all round tutoring goddesss) and Diane Bulmer (business, HR and solid classroom skills) then deprive the UoH LTI department of @sarahjaneflynn and then beg for another couple of contractors in the shape of @MarkRussell (he is the e-assessment king) and @audio for his experience in the E-learning arena; I’m sure other people would be added to this list but they would be the cream *grin*

I have a ton of ideas for e-learning tools, apps and web services; if I could get the right people on board then there’d be no stopping us!
..It’d be watch out Google! Rosevibe’s coming.. ;0)

So come on.. What would YOU do with a £17.8m lottery win?

Beating the disability benefit trap

Trying to make myself look a good employment prospect is stressful; I’m resigned to never managing full time (unless someone out there manages to come up with a cure for ME/CFS – which would be nice..) but I WILL do my damnedest to find a part time job that pays better than the benefit system; hence the 1st class honours I’m aiming for in my degree.

I love that one of my former tutors is trying to help me in this, the recent Linkedin reference she gave me makes me sound like ‘superwoman’ as opposed to way I see myself which is ‘part-time almost-woman’:

Vicky has an amazing amount of energy and a voracious appetite when it comes to her work and her passion in technological issues. Vicky became a mum whilst studying and adapted to motherhood and her studies as if nothing had happended in her world and kept very focused. Vicky received the Best Student of the year Award for 2008-9 which she thoroughlly deserved. I recommend Vicky to any employer as an outstanding individual who can work alone and motivate herself to complete the task at hand

I was lucky in that the becoming a mother thing happened at just the right time in my studies – While pregnant my ME/CFS disappeared; I felt better than I had in over 5 years: no pain and energy to burn!

All the 1st year exams and assignment deadlines come during the early half of my 3rd trimester and although I had to take the first 6 weeks off in my 2nd year following the birth, the support I got from the college was amazing; they sent me regular emails and uploaded extra information to studynet (the uni VLE) and I even got one home visit from a lecturer to go over a class I’d been unable to attend; it’s easy to stay focussed with that kind of background support!

..and that’s without taking into consideration the fact that my beloved has been at home the whole time to take care of both the child and myself – not many lasses are that blessed in the love of their lives!

I guess it’s possible that to anyone but my closest family and friends maybe I do come across as that superwoman – I AM passionate about my interests; I get my teeth hooked into something and I do stay focussed, sometimes to the detriment of my relationship with the people closest to me because I don’t have the energy to work AND be a mum/ partner/ sister/ friend at the same time.

..But no point whining about that when I’ve already done so on my ME/CFS blog and in my twitter stream (in fact I should probably stop whining on twitter about #cfs but some days you really need to vent about how shite it is)

In the break I’ve had from studies since my deferral exams I’ve managed to complete a series of e-learning videos for an online assessment project the University are conducting, in the process I’ve now got a new piece of software under my belt and they want me to pass on the knowledge of its use to others.

I’ve also been asked if I’d participate in another e-assessment project that’s starting up; this would make my 3rd project for the university and I take it as a positive sign that my services have been required multiple times because of my knowledge and experience.

..Fingers crossed when I graduate a suitable position opens and they’re willing to take me on as a non-student employee (although for CPD there are a couple of post-grad courses on offer that I’ve been eyeing..)

I think an academic environment like that would suit me quite well; they’re sympathetic towards my health issues and allow me to work mostly from home and to my own schedule (as much as possible) which means I can maximise the time I’m ‘up’ efficiently – I can’t think of many other organisations that would allow me that amount of flexibility!

Like Social networking? Want to meet Kylie Minogue?

In best meercat voice:

SIMPLES! All you need to do is become a student and sign up to social networking site

As the lovely lady is the site patron you too could wind up having a cheque or a music award passed into your sweaty grasp – it happened to me; it could happen to you.

Kylie minogue presenting me with my cheque

This time around there were 3 things each of the winners of the inaugural bursary awards had in common:

  1. we were all students
  2. we were all female
  3. we all thought this was some kind of a hoax or scam.

I kid you not, I mean; C’mon! Kylie Minogue handing out cash for nothing more than signing up to a social networking site?

It sounded insane! So much so that Stef and I even organised a house sitter ‘just in case’ while we travelled down to the event..  *blushes* paranoid much?

It’s taken me a while to recover from the exertion of travelling and being sociable which is why the date of the cheque is 25th of February but this blog post is happening in March – the joys of living with ME/CFS I’m afraid ( but this was an event that was definitely worth the health fall-out!)

Both Stef and I have been converted to the view of the studyvoxfoundation crew, we really want them to make of the site everything they dream of. The people behind the charity are wonderful, caring passionate people not lacking in intelligence and their ideas are ambitious; they want to take on every big social networking site out there and as Kev the CEO put it “we want to take everything they’ve got horribly wrong and do it RIGHT!”

They want to create an online home for students, a place where;

  • their profiles will not be held up out of context during a job interview as evidence of lying and debauchery
  • they have representation and help with social needs (things supposedly catered for by the NUS)
  • where they can talk freely about their courses and the towns in which they live
  • a marketplace for them to sell anything from textbooks to clothes and furniture
  • a one-stop shop for all their financial needs and concerns
  • somewhere safe to upload their music, imagery and video footage

In short they are taking on Facebook, myspace, MP3unsigned, Youtube, directgov and any other site you can think of that can hold some kind of benefit to students.

It’s audacious, it’s ambitious, it’s totally nuts – but they are so passionate about their vision that you cannot help but be swept along by it.

The bursary awards are to be a regular thing, any student who signs up to StudyVox is in with a chance of winning – it’s definitely on the up and up, it’s legit and I have the pictures to prove it. If you don’t believe me then just look at some of the news coverage of the event on the BBC and in the Telegraph and obviously the foundations own news site the StudyVox echo (I have several times just to remind myself that I didn’t dream the whole thing)

They want to ‘put their money where their mouths are’ and show in a real way that they are there to help support the student community.

At present I will admit to a lot of teething problems with the social networking website – but that is less down to the vision of the group and more to do with the company paid to do the coding and design; I think, given time and a lot of tweaking this site could well be a force to contend with, the NUS would be well advised to take note and learn a few things.

You aren’t what you own

My immediate family have always been amazed at my ability to live quite happily on very little income – in fact the most miserable I ever was was when I tried to keep 2 jobs going to garner more disposable income. I know this as recently I’ve been culling old posts from this blog and 5 years ago I was miserable, stressed, run down and incredibly overworked and as a result developed ME/CFS.

Now I have far less income yet I and my family manage to survive quite happily on it – we don’t own a great deal but what we do own adds value to our lives and centres those lives around the home.

I think that’s the problem with most folk today, they want to own things for the sake of owning them; designer labels, the latest toy, flashy car.. Where they live tends to be more storage space than home; there’s no need for all this.

Even cigarettes and alcohol are unnecessary expenses; they add little to your life but ill health in certain cases, I know many would disagree with that but I ask you – what do they truly do for you? Do they make you happy or is it just an expensive addiction, an escape from a life you don’t really like very much?

I say: don’t pay to escape your life; save to change it.

The only thing I want to own is my own home – not for financial reasons; I don’t see it as an investment, I see it as somewhere to put down roots and raise my daughter, somewhere I can change and decorate and do to as I please.

..But most importantly I want my own home because it is somewhere that I won’t be forced to leave at the whim of the owner.

If people put more importance on the things filling the home than the home itself then in my opinion they have very skewed priorities, a home is not a base of operations, it isn’t somewhere you eat and sleep before going away to live your life – that’s a hotel or a bed and breakfast.

A home, to me at least, is the place you wish you were when you’re somewhere else, a place you want to get back to, that you want to invite others to.

More than anything in this world I want a home for me and my family. That’s why I’m pushing myself to do this degree and why I’m trying as hard as I can to make myself employable despite my health issues – I don’t want to live in storage for the rest of my life and I refuse to subject my daughter to that; even if we can’t move on, she will be able to – I’ll make sure of it.

Worries about the future

smalldegreeI have the opportunity to progress onto the third year of a Bachelor of science honours degree next year.
However, I’m not sure if I will get the funding to do so because of my wasted year on the BA(hons) popular music and recording degree at Salford university in 2001.

I still owe nearly £7000 for that year and have nothing to show for it, that amount has been added (with interest) to the student support loans and tuition fees for my current foundation degree. Joy.

I guess I wouldn’t mind so much if it had been my own fault that I was forced to leave the music course but financially I had no choice; I had a  mortgage and a joint account with a no good boyfriend who lived purely off me and the £60 per week his folks put into his account (yes; his. After the first 3 months he stopped putting ANY money into the joint one, he just spent it – even after we split up; getting that account closed was a nightmare!)
He was a ‘serious musician’ who claimed to be a sound engineer but had aspirations to be a producer – despite every client coming back to the studio he freelanced at for a re-do because they didn’t like what he’d done..

But I’m not bitter.. much.
I received nothing for the house but debt, my student loans had all been spent on the mortgage and he got the lot; lock stock and barrel, because his folks paid off the mortgage when I left after talking me into ‘absolving myself of the debt’ (ie mortgage) it seemed the only way to stop him sponging off me.

Yes I do still occasionally kick myself now for not being stronger and fighting for what was really mine, but on the whole it was such a bad relationship that the house would have been tainted anyway so I am glad that I washed my hands and walked away to start afresh.

Mainly I’m kicking myself for what could be a lost opportunity, in the current work climate I feel that I NEED that degree in order to secure a decent salary that will afford Isabella the start in life I never had. I don’t want her to have to work 2 jobs just to pay the rent and keep food on the table like I did, I definitely don’t want her to work herself into the ground like I did – I fully blame all those hours and the stress of 2 jobs for my subsequent ill health.

If I can’t get the necessary funding then I definitely need the basic skills those lessons would teach me *sigh* if only I could audit the course even if I can’t recive the qualification, at least I could gain work experience doing projects of my own for friends! Sadly I don’t think that’s a possibility over here as I’ve only ever heard of it being an American thing – though I shall definitely raise the possibility with the career guy on friday when we discuss our options for progression (ie Bsc computer science or a more specialised computing degree)

Fingers crossed guys, next to living in a house this is what I want most in the world – to be able to get back into work and provide a decent standard of living (not to mention a good example) for my child.

Getting ahead of myself

Seems I should check my paperwork more carefully, I’m still fully hosted right up until june YEY!


Thankyou to the three lovely people who offered me alternatives via text and email *sniff* it was quite touching to find that even with my recent feeble blogging efforts I’d be missed! I was even more amazed at the (minor) outcry over the loss of my CFS site, overly wordy and outdated though I deem it myself; it seems others are less critical and find it as helpful as I’d hoped it would be back when I created it.

Which means I now feel obligated to keep the damned thing up and running *sigh* guess this means I’ll have to give myself 2 more years hosting for my birthday and use the summer holidays to bring the whole thing up to scratch. I guess £3.50pm is affordable and it’s not like I drink or smoke so..

Heh pitiful eh?! I was all growed up for.. What? A fortnight..? What can I say..? The internet is to me what shoes and handbags seem to be for every other girl I know – but at least my habit is cheap and takes up far less wardrobe space 😉

The reason I have been so pants of late is illness related I’m afraid, but I’m finally going to see an Otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat) specialist on Tuesday about this possible menieres disease the GP thinks I have so fingers crossed they’ll tell me it’s something else and give me meds to clear it up – I’m getting more than a little sick of this nausea and spinning nonsense! After 4 months of it enough is enough already!

I’m also going to see my first neurologist on the 31st about my ME/CFS crashes because when the GP saw my description of them he decided they share some similarities with a type of epilepsy and he wants me tested for that – added to which it seems I’ve caught a bug which exacerbates a lot of the ME symptoms so I’m spending even more time in bed than usual.

What time I’m not using to rest is taken up with coursework – I’m quite proud of the fact that I’ve managed over a 94% attendance for this course despite everything and all my modules are looking at being a minimum of a low B grade – I think my dad is probably still chuckling over the incredulous text he recieved when I found out the database assignment I (literally) cried over netted me a mark of 70% (that’s an A by the way)

And there you have it; that’s why I’m only ever online in 5-20 minute bursts for anything none course related at the moment. As my health improves (because it WILL) I may once again prove to be a prolific blogger  (can’t help that, after 4 years it’s in the blood) but the socnet stuff will likely take a beating as I immerse myself in ‘real’ life – even facebook has become just another email address as 9 times out of 10 I only nip on there for messages and to change my status (it’s twitter without twitter)

Now I’m off to bug my beloved to make sure he uses sesame seeds in this new batch of flapjacks, quite fancy some of that..

Being an adult

I said to Stef on new years eve that I’d not made any resolutions this year, but as I sat down to write this post I realised that I lied.

In 2007 I made the online acquaintance of several interesting people, many of whom I’d love to meet in person, so I’ve decided that at least 2 of ’em will be getting a visit in 2008 – I’d attempt to visit more but a visit to the states doesn’t fit in with my main resolution..

My main resolution this year is to be sensible with money. I used to be but I’ve slipped a lot in the last couple of years – I blame it on a lack of purpose; aimless drifting scrambles your mind.

On the back of that, having sat down and really thought about wants and needs I’ve come to the conclusion that this is probably my last blogpost on

In a week or so my host period is done and I’m due to pay up again, much as I’d love to keep the CFS site running I can’t justify the expense while we’re saving for somewhere to live. I’ll miss this blog, I know it’s been a little dusty of late but as you all know from personal experience, life has a way of interrupting a decent blogging schedule sometimes.
Those of you who’ve emailed me I’ll let you know if I start up elsewhere, but as part of my new outlook I’m going to be busy for the next few months making jewelery for a craft fair I’ve signed up for in July (I know, about time eh?!)
I also plan on working my arse off at Uni, I’ve found that doing so cuts into net time a LOT so I’ve pared my online activities down to Facebook and email with occasional sojourns onto Twitter (and the only reason Facebook gets a look in is because I still need SOME form of social life *grin* all work and no play..)

I’ll miss the comment chats but those of you who like to talk, well – I’m sure you have my email if not, just come on over to my place

Freecycle funny

I know I’ve mentioned freecycle before, it’s a website where people post items they’re giving away on a first come first served basis. I’m a member of the manchester board and in this mornings digest there was a corker of a wanted ad:


Sat Jun 9, 2007 12:10 am (PST)

I know this is a really bizarre request and will probably tax Freecycle to
its limit but….

Does anyone have a Life Sized Cardboard Ex Shop Display Picture of Carol
Vorderman, or something similar, going spare? Or even someone who looks like
Carol Vorderman but must be wearing clothes!

Its for some work related challenge for a relative and at some point funds
raised, if any, will go to some charities. So any assistance would be
greatly appreciated.

I am happy to travel anywhere within about 50 miles from Manchester so it
does give some scope and hopefully increases the chance of success.

Let the fun begin!

This really quite tickled me and I wish I could help the guy, since I don’t have access to this type of thing, I wondered if any of you lovely people out there may have and if so – I can forward your offer to the dude and see if he’s still interested or you just email him yourself
That being said though, I’ve never yet managed to ‘win’ anything I’ve put in for on the site – from golf clubs to beading materials to books and pictures, I never seem to get in there quick enough. I wonder, have any of you managed to get something for nothing from freecycle or other sites of this nature?

Paypal protects you my ARSE!

(check the back history for details; post #1 #2 #3 #4)

This is now part 5. Would you be happy about the final response I got from Paypal over the issue with Ms belligerent?

We have completed our investigation of this case. You have received a refund of £0.00 GBP for this claim.

Non-receipt – Case ID: PP-242-143-739


Case Closed

Transaction ID: 3GN387860A5548516
Seller Name & Email: TERENCE NORMAN WHALLEY, [email removed for privacy reasons]
Transaction Amount: -£24.00 GBP
eBay Item no.: 130013560846, 130035517944, 130035518619
Transaction Date: 27 Dec. 2006

I removed the email address only after toying with the idea of asking you all to flood the inbox with nasty spam.. See, I am only human *grin*

I’m Not impressed.

As far as I was aware I was getting something back as it is I’m down £24 – it’s my only bad eBay experience but still.. Makes me feel less confident about selling my jewellery on there, how can they claim you’re protected with paypal if this is the way the resolution centre deals with things?

All they do is make you email each other, someone looks at it and apportions blame then it’s case closed without any actual comeback – surely I should not be out of pocket if I’ve been found to be the person in the right?

Gah! Sod the lot of ’em.

I’m off to start ad-clicking maybe by this time next year I’ll have made back the £24 doing this.. Assuming they pay out, it’s only because I was checking my paypal info for this that I realised the previous issue had been ‘resolved’ so Cheers Tom for writing about it – I hope you got some decent mulah from my clicking your referral link..

Speaking of which.. *grin* I’ve not mentioned Ciao for a while.. I only need another 2p in my account to claim my next load of cash off ’em – that’ll be 3 payouts and I rarely write reviews, if you hammer the reviews you could quite conceivably make a fortune..


Grand National

I WON!!!

*grin* so yah boo sucks to daddy dearest (his response to my text by the way was “No-one likes a big head” *snicker*)

I love you Silver Birch – you just got me 2 driving lessons *kiss*

I curse my father!

He rang up the other day with a couple of ‘tips’ for the grand national, I don’t gamble as a rule (i’m too poor) but he lives for it, horses are his lifesblood – if he could I swear he’d own a string of racehorses. Anyhow, now I feel like I have to lay on a bet or 2, this feeling has been exacerbated by the arrival of Ian coming to drag Stef up to the bookies.
This being so I’ve thrown a whole £7 between 3 horses (all £1.25 each way bets, man I’m such a risk taker LOL) I picked one by myself : ‘Silver Birch’ just on the name (I love those trees, my favourites after the lovely willow) the other 2 were the hot picks my daddy dearest urged me to bet on ‘Idle talk’ and ‘monkerhostin’ then Ian piped up and told me to pick one of the 100/1ers and he’d stick on a bet in my name, obviously I had to choose ‘knowhere’ had to be at 100/1 with a name like that didn’t it?.

Now it’s a case of sitting back and waiting – I think between the three of us we’ve picked every horse in the race so at least one of us has to win *grin* talk about hedging your bets eh?!

Seems my dad knows his stuff though, just switched on the tv and they’re doing a little looksee at Idle talk – something to do with the trainer and there’s a red rum connection.. can’t follow it all but I feel a tad better about throwing my money to the wind now, meh! It’s all a bit of fun, I can write it off against next months amazon rental charges since I’m cancelling my subscription after this month.

That’s right, I’m cutting back, the dvd rentals and the tv are going because I want to recommence my driving lessons – I need to pass my test, I’m sick of everyone asking me how the lessons are going and my only response being ‘they’re not’.

Hopefully I’ll be living somewhere else by the time I’ve passed my test – still trying to decide on area since Stef can’t make up his mind so i doubt we’ll be gone before my birthday *sigh* ah well, at least downstairs has quietened down since the police visit.. here’s hoping it lasts!


I went to the doctors this morning to get something to help me sleep, he’s given me a months worth of Phenargan (not liking the look of the possible side effects though)

He also took one look at my address and calmly remarked on the fact that he’s had a number of other patients in this area experience very similar things – apparantly one old lady in particular has had her door kicked in twice. Nice area huh?!
Why did no-one mention this before I moved in?

(Oh wait! the ‘man’ has spoken – apparantly I’m to stop whinging on my blog – to this I say “stop reading over my shoulder and worry about what you’re doing mister!” Men..)

I’ve sent my avatar on a manhunt (if you’re unsure what I mean by that just have a look at the link – it’s work friendly) Stef’s also procured one, I’ve only started the manhunts and raids since he joined up, I was too busy trying to shore up my hideout before then, he’s shamed me into becoming more aggressive. I’m still not into gaming, but this is realtime and I can just leave it and come back to it as and when I please without losing anything (unless I get found on a search of course..)

In other more pleasent news, I’ve been asked by the ME/CFS support group to conduct a jewellery making demonstration in July, I’m well up for that – it’s always nice to pass something along to others, I’d like to think they may enjoy doing it as much as I do, I’ve also sold my first set, the green bracelet as pictured in this post with a matching necklace. I’m well chuffed – my stuff is of saleable quality! *beaming grin* You’re never sure until it happens are you?

Right, I’d best get myself up to the shops, the eggs won’t walk here of their own accord and I can’t make my banana cake without them..

Back to work?

Don’t make me laugh!

The government are apparently eager to get all of us malingerers off incapacity benefit and back on the work force – at least that’s the story..

Having called up to request an appointment to discuss such a possibility for myself I’ve to wait until the end of April before anyone can see me.
Never mind eh? I’ve waited 3 years, another month or so won’t hurt me.