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Moving on up..

Sadly not in the ‘home’ sense of the word but I have taken the slightly scary first step of looking for work.

I say scary because it is, I’ve not worked for at least 3 years and I’m still not sure if I’m physically ready for such a move – but if I wait until I feel ready I’ll never be ready.

Does that make sense?
Basically there comes a point where you just have to close your eyes, jump in and hope for the best – the point is you have to TRY. Ok, so I may fall flat on my arse and have the worst relapse going – but then again I might not.

Through the JCP I might end up doing the web design course I’ve been talking about for so long or I could end up doing a job I love and meeting some really great people in the process, the point is; I’ll never know unless I try.
Even if I don’t end up with a job I love, I may actually find one I can DO – which means I’ll be contributing, it means I won’t feel like a waster – most importantly it means I won’t be sat at home thinking maybe I should do something because I’ll already be doing it!

Wish me luck, I think I’m gonna need it.

Dirty weekend in Durham

Well, not really a dirty weekend, but it sounds good *grin*

One of Stef’s friends got married on Saturday, we had to go really – he made Stef do a reading at the wedding (which he got through in magnificent style despite his qualms about using the word ‘foibles’ *chuckle*) When we tried to book a room at the hotel where the wedding was being held there seemed to be none available so we booked a cottage in West Aukland instead:

front roomkitchen

As you can see, the cottage was gorgeous, not a warm place by any means, but certainly comfortable, the furnishings were obviously handpicked to suit the surroundings – and there was even a framed picture of Henry VIII on the windowsill.

Lumley castle hotel appears to be very much the same – albeit on a larger scale. The wedding was fabulous and the best mans speech definitely one of the funniest I’ve heard (and seen) in a while, peppering the pauses with childhood photo’s of the groom on the big screen was just sheer genius!The best part had to be the dinner though – just thinking about that food has me salivating! Never have i had such an outstanding meal at a wedding – and I’ve been to a few, I’m more than happy to go back and eat in the restaurant if the wedding fare was a true sample..

It was not just the food that made the meal though. We were entertained muchly by the cousin of the best man. He has some interesting theories about our history and that of an alien race due to return sometime in the next 4 years (I was carrying on duel conversations so I missed the exact details) he quite happilly passed around photo’s of stones from Scotland and slightly farther shores as proof of alien life.

Stef had to jump in and question his sanity though when he unveiled his money making scheme.
Apparantly he has the coordinates of a pyramid deep under the sea, found while travelling the world in search of these stones. He wants to sell this information to the highest bidder and go on an expidition to document it – and I’m talking millions of pounds here – the guy doesn’t think small!

I know, it sounds like the synopsis of a hollywood blockbuster – to be honest he’d have more luck selling an idea for that than these coordinates, but after checking with his cousin it seems he is deadly serious.
They all treat it as a big joke but I’ve rarely come across a person as passionate as he is about his cause, he takes the ribbing good naturedly but about him there’s an air of “I know Im right so say what you will, i’ll leave you with your
delusions, you’ll soon be laughing on the other side of your face..”

He’s even got a radio interview scheduled in Berlin about it, apparantly he figured there’s a higher percentage of people over there likely to be interested in what he has to say, Britain is just too small..

Would you believe the guy was willing to pay some company £35 a month to keep a website going!? It’s not even one with a database or shopping cart, he just wants a small 1-2 page affair with writing and sample pictures, I told him he was nuts to pay that – especially considering he already has the domain name and email set up. After a long chat I said I might be willing to help him set up a website, I hate to see people ripped off and £35pm for what he wants is bloody daylight robbery! I’ll let you guys know if anything comes of that but first I’ve promised my bass player I’d do one for his business so that takes priority – he asked first.

Anyhow it was a great day, we didn’t do anything too taxing but there was a lot of standing around and conversation tires me, towards the latter part of the meal I was stumbling over my words again and resorting to more of the dark chocolate fix to get me through (I don’t think anyone noticed though, they were all drinking so I probably fit in quite well)

Sunday was a bit of a let down because I’d obviously used up my energy quotient the day before, but at least I was spending all day in bed in extremely pleasent surroundings, today we stopped off at Botany bay on the way home, what a waste of time and money! They make you pay to go in and it’s basically a big pile of cack! it’s just a cluster of trading units 90% of which is crafts and junk, on the plus side after seeing what they were charging for some of the stuff it made me feel better about my jewellary making skills – I saw nothing as intricate as my stuff, I should really start selling it soon.

More eBay nonesense..

I’ve had to escalate the paypal dispute to claim status.

I’m seriously wondering if it’s worth all the hassle – it’s even causing rows between me and Stef now and that’s pissed me off more than anything else. I think I’ll be laying off eBay for quite some time now – I just can’t afford this kind of stress.

On the paypal dispute page I recieved this response:


Prior to that I received this to my personal email address:





Nice and professional eh?!
*sigh* ah well, it’s kind of interesting to wonder how someone called Bex can have a paypal account under the name Terence Norman Whalley though, Is he her dad do you think? She doesn’t come across as very old in her emails, I wonder if he knows what she’s been doing in his name? If that was my daughter her feet wouldn’t be touching the floor about now!

Meh, no matter – it’s all in the hands of the folks at paypal now, you can’t say I haven’t tried to be nice to the lass, five emails and a month before I started any kind of proceedings is pretty fair I think. Doubtful of any recompense though, I’ve pretty much kissed those funds goodbye *sniff* shame that.

right, i’ll stick my other news in a new post – it makes for much nicer reading.. ;0)

Latest on the ebay fiasco

okies, here’s what I sent to the paypal resolution centre about 2 minutes ago:

I requested confirmation of shipping from the seller as I’d had no correspondnace and they were no longer registered on ebay. I gave them a little more leeway after they emailed me to apologise and state that a job offer over christmas had delayed things.

upon my next request for information I recieved this response:

“hi sorry they have not arrived ill glady send you the tracking number…

please forward a s.a.e with £1.00 to ensure a copy of the receipt (terms & condtitions bexs ebay home page)

please let me know if you would like to proceed


I then requested the tracking number they said they would gladly send me and they responded thusly:

“hi recorded delivery is only to ensure there is a signature at the end they gibe you nay updates to were it is..that special delivery and obvioulsy i would not pay an extra £5.00 for that facility as its no use to me all i can do is send the receipt so you can claim

please let me know what you would like to do


i have had no address given to send this sae, i have had no proof the item has been sent, just an empty promise of proof of posting – that they expect me to pay for! added to which I have no way of checking T&C for bexs ebay home page as they are no longer a registered user!

I would like either the goods i’ve paid for or a full refund of my money.

Sadly I’m expecting no joy from this and I’ve kissed my £24 order of swarovski crystals goodbye because this is the email I just recieved from paypal:

Dear Victoria Stringer,

Your Item Not Received dispute for the payment you sent to TERENCE NORMAN
WHALLEY on 27 Dec 2006 (Transaction 3GN387860A5548516) is now open.

By opening a dispute, you are communicating with the seller, not PayPal,
about this problem transaction. We will email you when your seller posts a
response in the Resolution Centre.

Since I’ve had no joy via email I think it’s highly unlikely I’ll recieve a friendly or businesslike response via paypal.

*sigh* and I was so enjoying the eBay experience *sniff* now I’m ready to distrust everything.

I guess I wouldn’t be quite as morose about it if i hadn’t started up with the cfs aches again, i don’t think this chocolate is really doing me that much good, I’m supposed to avoid caffiene and the effects of the 85% stuff are almost identical to when I drink coffee, I just feel a bit down right now – i’m tired, i hurt and some bastard has taken me for a ride financially – I hate when that happens.

That’s just extracting the urine!

Before you read any more of the saga you probably need to go here.

Now, the person in question responded to my emails very apologetically stating that they’d just started a new job hence leaving eBay etc etc but not to worry things were being sent out recorded delivery – oh and btw would I be interested in buying all of their stock from them in bulk because it has to go.
I sent a return email wishing them luck and expressing regret that I couldn’t afford such a large purchase.
Yesterday I sent another email querying the whereabouts of my recorded delivery, this is the response:

hi sorry they have not arrived ill glady send you the tracking number…
please forward a s.a.e with £1.00 to ensure a copy of the receipt (terms & condtitions bexs ebay home page)please let me know if you would like to proceed

Now please note that:

  1. They are no longer registered on eBay so how can I check the terms and conditions
  2. I have received no address to send said sae (and more money)
  3. if the item was sent recorded delivery as previously stated why can’t they just send me a tracking number as I asked?

I’m being taken for a ride people, as if it’s not bad enough I’ve had money taken from me under false pretences I’m now being used as a source of amusement for this peice of work.

Anyhow, just because I could be wrong and maybe they are just that stupid and haven’t got a clue I clarified my request with this email:

All I need is the tracking reference number if you sent it recorded delivery as you stated in the last email, I just want to know where royal mail say it’s up to.

Let’s see what response I get to that (if any) should no response be forthcoming I’ll not only register an INR complaint with paypal I shall post the email address on here and on the ebay forums to warn off anyone else from having any financial doings with this person.

I’m NOT happy.

Happy dancy joy and goodness!


I’m a happy bunny.

Not only did I get a really good nights sleep last night (I even slept through him downstairs according to Stef) But I’ve just spent 4 hours wandering round the Trafford center with Nic, I’ve been in every womens clothes shop there and tried on several dresses and had an absolute laugh doing it – yes me the girl who HATES clothes shopping!

And I’m not tired!

You have no idea how wonderful a feeling that is! I even found not one, not two but THREE dresses that I like and so Stef’s coming back tomorrow morning to help me choose which one I should have for this wedding (the reason for the shopping trip, I’ve been putting it off till the last minute because I just couldn’t bear the thought of all that walking – not to mention the disappointment I usually get when I try on clothes)

Nic is an absolute star – seriously, she not only made it fun but she has the eye of an eagle when it comes to clothes – all three dresses I actually liked were ones she found after I’d gone into the dressing room – in every store I’d be half undressed and she’s thrusting more things for me to try on through the curtain *grin* I’ve never had that experience before, normally I’m worried that who ever i’m with will be fed up waiting for me to get changed.

Oh and I have to mention the M&S experience!
She talked me into getting sized up for a new bra when I wanted to just get one off the hook from La Senza – i’m so glad she did.

The lass at M&S who measured me must have brought out about 30 different bra’s for me to try on till we found a style that fit perfectly – in the past when I’ve been measured that’s all they did out comes the tape measure  – I’m told a size and that’s it.
Not so at M&S!

They don’t let you out of there until you have a bra you can hardly tell you’re wearing – I love it and I’m so going back there next time I need a re-fit! I even found myself walking taller *grin* nothing like a comfy bit of pretty scaffolding to make your day.

Yup – I no longer dread shopping sessions – I’ll just make sure Nic’s free before I go. What a woman *happy sigh*

Ricky Gervais

I’m not sure if those of you over the pond are aware of who this guy is, over here he’s basically an ‘A’ list celeb these days.

He’s known for ‘saying the things people usually only think’ and passing that off as comedy – very successfully too I might add, I know many people who think he’s a comic genius. But this is a bit much.

The lass who wrote that actually quotes:

ME? Not MS – not the crippling wasting disease. No, the thing that makes you say ‘I dont wanna go to work today’ (here he adopted a self-pitying tone and mock lethargy).

This just shows his ignorance since ME and MS share a large number of symptoms – the main difference being that at least you can treat MS. ME has no treatment and no cure and as is shown by his routine, very little understanding.

ME is a crippling wasting disease in it’s most extreme form – how else would you describe something that leaves you bedridden and fed through a tube, unable to stand the light coming through the curtains, the smell of cooking or the sound of a fan whirring away in the dark.

It is not a laughing matter.

Sadly, he is not the type of person who will admit when he is wrong – especially when the people ‘in the know’ refuse to admit there is a real illness here – it makes me sick to think that with all the problems I have, I at least only have a moderate case, the people with severe ME have no chance.
And then there’s the news of the new benefit guidelines with regards CFS/ME How long will it take for the people in authority to actually listen to the patients and specialists and realise that “NO!” graded excersise does NOT help as much as they say it does – and I’ve had this for three years now, do they think I don’t want to get better?!

They must do – after all:

Mild cases recover spontaneously or within six months whilst moderately severe conditions should improve significantly with six to twelve months of treatment.

Of course! Why would I want a real life again instead of going through the motions. I love being carried to the toilet on my off days, it’s just great that I spend half my life in bed or on the couch instead of being out and about with friends.

I especially love the fact that I’ve had to give up my martial arts and all the other physical activities I used to pursue – who on earth wants to go dancing anyhow when you can sit in the flat all the time?

Wankers the bloody lot of ’em!

So now I’m worried that all my benefits wil be taken from me. Lets face it – if they’re going off guidelines instead of actual patient experience.. Well, what hope is there?

It’s not fair!

I’m beginning to think someone somewhere doesn’t want me to start making these watch sets for ebay.

I’ve given up on eBay itself as my watch face supplier and I’ve tried 4 different websites this morning – 2 of them didn’t ship to the uk (and they only tell you this once you get to the checkout *sniff* all that wasted time) 1 was asking such an extortionate amount for shipping it just wasn’t worth it – and the other wouldn’t process my payment..

Bit worried about that last one actually, I tried twice – here’s hoping the payment didn’t go through because I’ve had no emailed confirmation of order *sigh* ah well, I can always dispute it I guess.

So basically, unless you live in the US or Canada, it’s impossible to get reasonably priced watch faces (for me reasonably priced is around £2.50 each, I made the mistake of getting much dearer ones at christmas, I’d never make the money back at those prices!) I give up for now. I’ll just stick to necklaces and bracelets.

I’m just ticked off at the lax shipping information, why is it so hard to put an answer to the question ‘do you ship internationally and what are the rates’ in your FAQ? why make a person go all the way through your site, build up a huge cart only to be told all those pretties you’ve been salivating over can’t get to you – or they could as long as you pay twice the amount they cost on top.


Not happy!


I’ve had my first bad eBay experience and it smarts.

I ordered a load of 4mm bicone crystals just before christmas and asked that they not be shipped until the new year, I only started worrying when the transaction disappeared from ‘my ebay’ without notice.

I had to search through my emails for the paypal reciept to find out who the seller was, once I checked for them on eBay it was only to find that they are no longer registered. What’s really typical is that this is the largest multiple order I’ve yet to make on eBay – the guy hasn’t responded to either of my emails so now I’m going to have to see if paypal can help me recover my cash – frankly I’m not too hopeful to be honest.

The thing is – he was a powerseller and when I made my order had 99.9% positive feedback – so the question is, do I give ’em the benefit of the doubt and continue to wait, or do I commence paypal retribution (such as it is) the thing that worries me is the tone of the last response on his feedback page, it doesn’t sound very professional and so I really doubt he’ll be too bothered about sending me my goods – after all £24 is a lot of money to me, but most people would not see it that way and though they may curse a bit would just write it off as not worth the hassle.

Meh i’ll give him a couple of days to at least respond to todays email, if I get nothing back by wednesday I’ll try paypal. You know what’s really bugging me – if I hadn’t asked for the delay in shipping I’d have received them before he left ebay so as usual it’s my own fault something has gone wrong *sigh* ah well.. That’ll teach me.

Ciao baby!


I’ve actually found a site that gives you money for writing things. seriously, you just write a review about practically anything and they pay you for it – and if people read, rate and comment on the review.. so much tha better, more mulah for you.

I got my first £13 of ’em and it means I can get more bead things now *grin* mesa happy bunny.

Ok, I know – you probably all already do this one, but I’m always the last to know about good stuff.

Beady things

I’ve been toying with the idea for some time now of trying to sell some of my creations on Ebay since there’s really nothing else I can do to raise money and fund my hobby, this has led to me also thinking of ways to link my website and make it do something useful as opposed to just sit there.

I have problems concentrating on anything for long periods of time – the only thing that absorbs me enough is web design, but since I can’t always focus on a computer screen for long periods, having enough concentration is not really a problem there. It’s a challenge but I think I can handle it – I just have to try and curb my natural impatience and work within the limitations imposed by my illness.

Here’s how I’d like it to work:

  1. Remodel my site from the css and html upwards, make it so that my blog and the cfs site fit into it more naturally
  2. create alternate style sheets (for printing, pda’s etc)
  3. Create an image gallery for my beadwork (to link to from ebay)
  4. sort out a shopping cart and secure payment options (more hosting scripts to play with.. oh joy)
  5. Take over the world

Ok, maybe #5 is a little on the overly ambitious side, but it’d be nice if I could actually garner an income again from something other than benefits. Because of my concentration difficulties and the headaches etc, perhaps web design is another dead end for the moment, but I’m still hopeful that something will come out of this illness apart from a lot of time spent in bed or on the couch.

I hate feeling useless.

Benefits update

I’m actually half thankful that this benefit screw up has happened.

OK, because I have no paperwork covering the dates they claim I owe from that could prove I do not owe the money, I have to suck it up and pay it. However,after speaking to the welfare rights people it appears I can at least get the sum they take from me each fortnight significantly reduced.

The thing is, once I had explained the details of my problem, the duty officer not only got the ball rolling to sort all that out (rather than waiting a month or so for an adjustment form i’ll be getting it straight away) he’s also arranged for someone to come round to my flat in order to make a new claim for DLA (disability living allowance) and sorted out a claim form for Income support and has advised me not to listen to the people at the benefits office when they try to dissuade me from making a claim because i’m not eligible – apparently once I get DLA I will be and the claim would then be backdated to this one to coincide with the DLA award.
I’ve gone from feeling helpless wrath to buoyant and hopeful – all from one call.

It just shows how ridiculous the system is though, talk about a house of cards! This is how it works:

At present my only income is incapacity benefit, I’m not eligible for full housing or council tax benefit because this is my sole income.

Once I receive DLA on top of my incapacity benefit, I will be eligible for full housing benefits, income support, the blue badge scheme (basically means I can nominate a car that becomes exempt from car tax and I can park in disabled spots) and will basically be hundreds of pounds better off each month.

It really is true in this country, the more you have the more you get, the less you have the more they take away from you.
It makes no sense to me, but then I am viewing the system in a logical fashion (IE poorer people need more help)
I wonder how the government view things? The reasoning behind all this must be quite complex to create such an end result.

Anyhow, as a direct result of my panicking and screaming for help it looks as though I may end up financially much better off than I am now (not that it could possibly get any worse without me being homeless lol) so I guess things really do happen for a reason, I would never have known about the ‘underlying entitlement’ to income support I have once the DLA award is in place, I would have been making the DLA claim on my own and worrying about the outcome until the decision came through and if it failed it’s unlikely I’d pursue an appeal – this time the Welfare rights officer will do all that for me should it become necessary.

Fate gave me the kick up the behind I needed to better my circumstances. While the debt thing does sting because I’m pretty certain I don’t actually owe the money, without that happening I would not now be sitting here with the largest smile on my face and a complete lack of the (usually) ever present tension headache – even with them taking that money from me – if all these claims go through successfully (and logically there’s no reason they shouldn’t even without the WR officers help) I will be a couple hundred pounds the richer each month – which means I can finally afford to try some of the treatment suggestions other cfs sufferers have made to help with my recovery.

I hate our government

HATE them. REALLY really really hate them.

Has anybody else received a letter stating they owe X amount to the DWP from sometime 6-10 years ago?
I wouldn’t mind but if they told me AT THE TIME that I owed them money it would’ve been paid.I always pay my debts which is why I was so sure this was some kind of daft mistake or a scam. I even checked the number on the net before calling in case it was a phone scam. Apparently it’s down to ‘overpayments of benefit – and they’re taking it off me from next week – no warning, no explanations – I had to call them up to find out what this debt was they were pillaging my account for, well to be truthful they’re not even pillaging my account, they’re taking it straight from my incapacity benefit before I receive it so It’s not like I can refuse to pay it or at least put it off for verification purposes.

The thing is, I don’t recall EVER receiving income support – and the dates they’ve given me (1996-97 and 2000) mean I’d have to pay my bank to find the relevant statements and have them send me the hard copy to go over – with this feckin’ cfs crap I don’t have the concentration for that! It’s one thing going over an electronic document where you can change font sizes, highlight texts, request specific transactions and cut and paste relevant info into notepad – quite another when you have to sit with a marker pen and squint at lines of transactions.

I’ve had it with this country I really have. They tax you 3 times on your wages (wages, then savings, then pension) they tax you on your goods – so in effect it’s a 4th tax on your wages since that’s what you pay for goods with and don’t even get me started on the car thing!
Then they spend all that lovely tax money on a war in another country, or in aiding another country, or in ‘officials’ visiting another country and THEN when you do happen to be on state benefit – a benefit YOU have paid for, they whittle it down and whittle it down until you’re lucky to have a roof over your head and food on the table.
and I’m not even going to START on pensions – I’m sure there’s plenty of people willing to take up that hatchet.
They don’t sort out the roads, they don’t sort out the crime (crime they’re practically forcing people into with their high handed ways) and WE pay them to not do it.
It sucks.

Did you know I’m even having to pay tax on my benefit..? I kid you not, I have an amount of incapacity that’s taxable. Ok it’s only a quid or so a month but still.. I wonder if they’ll stop taking the tax off it when they drop the amount I receive next week? Unlikely because it’s still being paid out in my name, just not to me. It’s going back to them.

I’m going back to bed now because I’m still ill and I really do not want to think about this any more *sigh* I’m gonna have to make a trip to the C.A.B. because I can’t afford to lose a 5th of my income,(sorry make that a third – 30 from 90 is a third.. just proves my maths is terrible)


I’ve had a kip and forced a large amount of water melon and water into my system, watched “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here” (always amusing) and I’m still reeling from this.

It’s just daft – they ‘calculate’ the amount of benefit you’re given in the first place as just enough to live on – if they take a third of that ‘just enough’ amount away from me..? What kind of a mockery does that make of this system?

I’d like to see these bureaucrats live on what I have to live on – and then see how they cope with having that taken away little by little.. JESUS! As if I wasn’t already worried enough about money *sigh*

I’ve spoken to a friend who was around at the time, we’ve checked cv’s and she can’t figure out how I’ve had income support either – I know I’ve not cheated the system so I wasn’t claiming while I was working – yet according to my cv and her memory corroboration, I was working during at least one set of dates they’ve given me, the other more worrying amount is so far back I have no idea how to go about checking never mind proving it’s wrong.
How is it possible to expect payment of a supposed debt after 10 (TEN!) years anyway? No warning prior to the letter informing me they were taking the money and no information on that letter as to why.. It’s just wrong on every level!

On the plus side I got to talk to Claire tonight, since she broke her mobile after discontinuing the landline I’ve been out of verbal contact for far too long – being unable to chat to your best mate sucks donkey bollocks and I hate that more than all this financial monkeydung.

*and breathe* I think I’m done here. Anyone left..? nah, didn’t think so *blush*

Gits, the lot of ’em

Well, it’s official.
I’ve just checked my finances and I’m skint – again.
At the end of October I need to pay my dentist over £300 for badly needed work on my teeth (all cheer, I’m finally getting it sorted) I also have to worry about Christmas and a few other financial commitments.

This wouldn’t be a cause for concern – except I just found out that Welcome don’t consider my illness covered by the payment protection plan I took out when I got the loan.
It’s taken ’em this long to get my medical records and they’ve classed it as a pre-existing illness, despite the loan being taken out in May 2004 and me not leaving work until August 2004 or being diagnosed until whenever the fuck it was after that in 2005.
They’ve found a medical record that makes it sound like a pre-existing condition though *sniff* this means under the terms of the plan – I’m not covered and have to keep paying the damned thing, something I was counting on not happening!
I thought I’d even be getting some back pay from them since said benefit is backdated to the start of the illness *sigh* serves me right for just assuming things I guess.

They say:

“We note from your medical records that you were reviewed in clinic by the Rheumatology department on 03/12/2004 and that at that time, you gave a 12 month history of tiredness and increasing aches and pains.”

I was working 2 full time jobs, leading a hectic social life and learning a martial art! Of course I was tired and achey before I got this! It was a completely different thing though! Anyone who’s suffered from chronic fatigue can tell you that normal tiredness is nothing compared to the mental and physical constant draining this fecking thing does to you!

I’m gonna go somewhere and cry now methinks. I hate ’em all.
Robbing bastards.

I’m a winner baybee!

Well – I’m an official salford resident, I have a doctor and a dentist and I’m not looking forward to either initial examination *sigh*
On the plus side it can’t possibly be as bad as the gastroscopy I’m having tomorrow at Crumpsall. Still – they’ll be sedating me so at least I’ll get some decent sleep finally *grin* ahh… Sleep…
Nah, bit worried because my gag reflex can kick in just by a good tooth scrubbing, having a flexible hose shoved down my throat is not really a procedure designed to bring me comfort and joy.
Ah well, could be worse I guess, they could be going in through my stomach.

I’m also going to go and collect my winnings later, I did the lottery on Saturday and won a tenner! I think that’s the first time I’ve ever won anything on it (ok, statistically I’ve done better than my dad who does it twice every week but lets not tell him and cause ructions eh?!) I forsee much chocolate in my near future – justifiable because chocolate has been medically proven to ease a sore throat and lets face it – by 3pm tomorrow I’m going to have a very sore throat!
*mutter* *grumble*