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High school musical

I’ve seen this thing everywhere – and I do mean everywhere, Claire started talking about it tonight because apparantly all her kids love it (by ‘her kids’ I mean the ones she teaches music to) so I asked her what the deal was – this sparked off a huge discussion with her sister about the best tunes and why it reminded them of the brit school etc etc

After about 5 minutes of this I repeated the ‘whats so good about it?’ question and they put it on.

I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in ages – yes, most of the tunes are quite cool and catchy, some of the characters are amusing and look as though they’re supposed to be, but the acting?! Oh man! I know it’s a kids film but some of it was so wooden and well.. crap that I had to laugh. But in a way that was part of the reason I enjoyed the film – it reminded me so much of some of the people I’ve known in my life – both from school and the 4 years I studied theatre and from my musical experiences. The characters are 2 dimensional at best but it’s a light fluffy film with a bouncy score, great for kids and ok for a nights entertainment if you’re not up for anything even remotely taxing.

Not one I’d rush out to buy though..

We also ate out at some American diner type place in Cheam.. I wasn’t that impressed – Stefs turned me into a food snob. I was actually horrified when the waiter came over and asked if we were finished with the dressings (they came in 4 bowls with tea spoons on a tray) he then handed them over to another table – surely that’s a hygiene no-no? for all he knew we’d licked the spoons (we hadn’t but that’s beside the point)

I had a chicken salad because my stomachs been dodgy all day and I figured I was safer with raw food.. Didn’t expect the chicken to show up that way though – I know a little pink can be a sign of well cooked chicken so I wasn’t too fussed at first, but as I peeled away the layers of flesh it went from slightly pink to white to red and that can’t be good.
At least the chocolate fudge cake was as expected. You can’t go wrong with hot fudge.

Oh.. and the thing that tickled me the most today?
I overheard a conversation between 2 builders while travelling from Clapham junction to Sutton, one was extolling the virtes of an eatery somewhere near timperly road – whilst giving directions to the other lad he said “It’s just at the corner of the road that lad was shot the other week” I had to bite my cheeks to keep from laughing out loud.

A. surely there is something a little more permanent to use as a landmark

B. would you really seek out a place to visit in an area known for gun crime?

No wonder the food is so cheap mate.


I’m well chuffed!

The vocal samples I’ve been sweating over recording for Paul (literally in this weather since all doors, windows and curtains have to be closed for soundproofing) have culminated in an actual track.

At first I was a bit ‘oh my god!’ because it’s one thing to be chuckling away and recording the most outrageous sentances you can think of and quite another to hear someone use them! The more I listen to the track though the more I hear, I love it!

I’m still having problems setting up my own domain and using the hosting etc so as soon as that’s sorted I’ll throw it up here for your listening pleasure – if you can’t wait that long though, try here


I have all my collabs up here if you want a nosey..

Tamsyn Luke

Life? Don’t talk to me about life…
Just lately on tv there seem to be a lot of reference to things from my childhood, the music, the comedy, toys and games… I’ve been remembering a lot of things.
One of those things is Tamsyn Luke.

She was my best friend from junior school right through seniors and my first year of college – I know I wasn’t her best mate, she had so many to choose from, but she was always special to me.
When I consider a friend amongst my best I do have a tendancy to almost worship them, but Tamsyn was amazing – fearless and clever, pretty and original.
We used to watch the Mary Whitehouse experience together round at her house, it was our favourite show. I remember how one night when she and her brother were walking me home just before our GCSE’s, we were discussing our futures and where we thought we were going to go.
I said we’d probably not see each other for several years once we left Daventry, she agreed but we said that it didn’t matter because we’d always be friends and that one day we’d see each other in some bar somewhere and we’d just look straight at each other and scream “Teddy!” before collapsing in a heap muttering things like “milky milky” and “that’s you that is” at each other while catching up on where we’d been.
If things had been different then that reunion would have happened by now, sadly Tamsyn passed away a decade ago. I still miss her, sometimes quite badly. She was my first real friend and those are the memories that get you through life.

Am I crying because it’s expected
Or do I really feel this grief
Why do they think they know how I’m feeling
When they don’t know what’s underneath

It’s strange the way you think you know someone
But then you barely know them at all
We shared so much we knew each other well
But that was all so long ago

We grew up and then we grew apart
I should’ve kept much more in touch
There’s surely something more I could’ve done
I guess I didn’t care enough

I didn’t know you were in hospital
I haven’t seen you now for years
But I don’t want to see you like this now
A wooden cask obscured by tears.

Cherish your friends because all too soon they turn into memories.


My reading habit is slowing somewhat – I’ve only read 16 books this year – and at least half of those were teen books.
My dvd viewing habits though… *grin* I love amazon, truly I do. now if only I could find some none strenuous work I could do from home to earn the money I need to feed my amazon habit…

I’ve given up the fleeting thought of starting up my own karaoke because quite frankly – it’s obviously more trouble than it’s worth (that and I’d end up relinquishing my dvd habit in order to buy song discs, some of those catalogues had me salivating lol) I’ve just found out that you need a licence (£200pa) to dj…
This country is licence mad! You need a licence to work (one of the reasons I gave up door work was that part time did not pay enough to make it worth my while once the new yearly national licence came in) It’s pretty sick though – a dj now has to pay for a licence to play music, but so does the venue – why not have it so one or the other pays? I also hadn’t realised that it’s actually illegal to use mp3’s and copied discs instead of the originals you bought. Surely if you’ve paid for something you should be allowed to use it in whatever format you desire?

Ach! I can’t be arsed thinking about it or looking into it further right now because quite frankly – I’m having a blonde day.
Another one.

That and all I keep hearing about on the radio is the bloody islam cartoon thing and I think we’re all sick of that one!

Instead, I’m about to head over to Kay’s and offer sympathy for the poor lass dying on us (not literally I hasten to add, but she aint a happy bunny right now) I’m also apparently heading to the flicks this evening with the boy – I hope he has something decent in mind to watch…

featuring a pregnant pause..

I’m beginning to think someone somewhere is trying to get me to go down the pregnancy road.
Seriously – the last 2 weeks have given me a vast selection of email junk, varying from the usual viagra and penis extension rubbish to the worryingly more frequent ‘find a fuckbuddy’, ‘sex addicts in your area’ and an assortment of new mother books, how to handle a first pregnancy and various links to nutritional guides for the pregnant woman.

So come clean, which of you has signed me up for a spot of puppy pushing eh?

I’ve been toying with the idea of getting some equipment and starting up my own karaoke – or at the very least a load of backing tracks and going out gigging again. I used to do the pub/ club circuit a while back and quite frankly I hated it.
I was the singing part of a duo called ‘Electric blue’ (and boy did I feel like a tit when the DJ at a holiday camp in wales pointed out the previously unknown fact of a certain movie of the same name to me and the rest of the audience midway through the gig) I loved singing, but I hated most of what I sang and the places we did *shudders* rough does not even begin to describe some of ’em.
It didn’t help that the lad I was working with thought he knew what people wanted to hear and I had to really argue the toss to get anything decent into the set – he was a really good keyboard player but he was also only 18 and every decision was also discussed with his parents…
It got very trying.
I hated it so much that I didn’t even sing at a karaoke for over a year following that experience – I just completely lost all joy in music. I guess part of my hesitation stems from not wanting that to happen again now I have the buzz back.

But I’ve been offered a paid weekly gig if I can get something together.
Decisions decisions…

Personally I’d love to get a band together again because that’s more fun, but it’s also more equipment, more hassle and less money after the split. If I can get a guitarist or a keyboard player then that’s not as bad moneywise – but it can limit what material we can do. If I get a load of gear and use all my backing tracks then I don’t have to rely on anyone else – but then it’s just me doing karaoke all night and one gig a week isn’t enough to justify the outlay of all the equipment I’d need…

Guess I’ll just have to turn it down and remain incredibly flattered.
Shame though – the money would be most welcome.

Laughing it up

I had another strange dream.
I was auditioning for the X-Factor, dressed as Lara Croft.

The cameras converged upon me and when I was asked the question “Why are you dressed as Lara Croft?” I calmly pulled out my gun and answered “One way or another I will be getting through.”
Don’t ask…
My song was cool though – I did “The weakness in me” by Joan Armatrading.

I’m not the sort of person
Who falls
And quickly
Of love
But to you I gave my affection
Right from the start

I have a lover
Who loves me
How could I break such a heart
Yet still you get my attention

Why do you come here
When you know I’ve got troubles
Why do you call me
When you know
I can’t answer the phone
Make me lie
When I don’t want to
And make someone else
Some kind of unknowing fool
You make me stay
When I should not
Are you so strong
Or is all the weakness in me
Why do you come here
And pretend
To be just passing by
But I mean to see you
And I mean to hold you

Feeling guilty
Waking from some tormented sleep
This old love has me bound
But the new one cuts deep

If I choose now
I’ll lose out
One of you has to fall
And I need you
And you.

It really is a fabulous song – and not one that I’d normally feel confident of carrying off because it’s fecking hard!
Still, that’s what dreams are for eh?!

Heard an amusing joke today, there we were, me and Gran, looking in the windows of a jewellers (as you do) discussing how nice it would be to just walk in and buy something without worrying where the money was coming from. This random bloke then joined in and it turned into an all out dig at ‘kids today’ who ‘don’t know they’re born’.
Yup, one of them.

After discussing the merits of gas central heating over the coal fires of old and reminiscing about stealing bags from the train stores (yup, they were really getting into it) this guy said that a mate of his was saying to his grandkids that they were so lucky these days because when he was a lad he was lucky if he got an apple and an orange for Christmas – the little kid apparantly answered in glee “you mean you got a mobile and an ipod?!”
Ba-dum pah!

It tickled my gran no end – I think the guy thought his luck was in because he carried on chatting to her for ages – what does it say about me that I just stayed where I could see if he tried a bit of pick-pocketing?

Oh – and the big news is that as of 11am this morning, I am officially divorced!
Yup – you heard it, poor Stef can no longer claim to be seeing a married woman *grin* how will he cope?!
The decree absolute has not left my side all day (literally, it’s cold out and it was in my coat pocket)
It was an incredible sensation though, I feel as though it’s finally signalled a close to the nasty portion of my life.
Seriously, I came out grinning like a loon and wanting to sing – I practically danced up to the town centre to meet my gran!

It was a pleasent surprise because I wasn’t expecting it to be done the day I applied for the Nisi to be made Absolute, but apparantly they now do all the finalising while you wait *grin*

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that being married to Stewart was hellish – he’s a great bloke whom I still have infrequent amicable contact with, but the marriage itself was a mistake brought about as a result of our situation at the time (not pregnancy before anyone starts nodding knowingly and whispering the words “shot gun”) I really think that if either of us had been in a decent headspace back then we’d have maybe had a fling and just stayed friends, but there was a lot of other crap that contributed to our decision to marry and now that the ‘mistake’ has been rectified it’s a definte closing of a chapter for me.

The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.

misheard lyrics

Conversation between me and the bloke this afternoon:

Me: singing along to the commitments album

Him: What did Sally do?

Me: Huh?!

Him: What did she do to deserve hanging?

Me: (after a split seconds blankness)

Him: No really – that’s what I used to think he was singing “Must hang

Me: more laughter

Him: Honestly, I used to think she must be some kind of dirty whore –
always after a ride and that’s why they wanted to hang her.

Me: Babe… You crack me up!

The cooker got fitted this morning – and the council finally sent someone round to remove the wilderness that was my garden – I have steps!
I’ll need to dig the whole lot up though and seed it – there’s just so much crap in there that’ll start growing again otherwise. But at least I now have somewhere to stick a washing line *grin*

I’m a little upset that the first meal I cooked on my (for K’s benefit) ‘stove’ is beans on toast though *sigh* I’m such a culinary genius…

I had another of those “God I’m old” moments when I was walking back through the precinct the other day. I happened to see an old guy hobbling on a crutch, a small kid ran up behind him – I instinctively tensed thinking an intervention may be in order – but the kid had just picked up the fella’s mobile phone and was chasing him to return it.

It’s a little sad that I was shocked about this small act of kindness and honesty – I’m so used to kids being complete little shits that I automatically assumed he was going to just kick the guys crutch from underneath him and run off laughing (I’ve seen it before, sadly I think we’ve all seen that kind of thing before) I know I’m old when I can turn round and say that when I was a kid, that would have been unheard of, Jesus! My arse would have been black and blue for weeks if I’d been seen doing anything like that!
These days, the kids are more likely to run off with it and sell it (after using up the credit/ running up a huge bill) rather than chase down the street to return it. It just made me glow a bit inside to see that at least some of the kids around here have been brought up right. He didn’t even stick around for thanks, just handed it back and fecked orf.

OH!! In other news…
I’m soooooooo glad I didn’t make a start on decorating the bathroom yet. It appears that I’m getting a new kitchen and bathroom courtesy of the council, I’m also going to be having the bedroom window double glazed to match the rest of the house (and after all that bloody work sanding it down and repainting the fecker!) I’ll also have to redo half the front room because they are apparently ripping out the back boiler and replacing it with a new one.

Once again – lets all cheer for the organisational ability of a local council *sigh* I’m not complaining about all this wonderful work, the flat can only benefit from it. I’m just a bit pissed that they obviously knew all this was going to happen when I signed up for the place but they waited until I’d decorated before telling me. I’m just praying that the flooring survives!
Mind you – this is the council I will be waiting on, it could be this time next year before they get round to me (the guy who came to measure up figures it’ll be the back end of this year – I’d add at least 6 months to that guess, after all, it’s taken over a month for them to come and fix a window that should’ve been done before I moved in…)
Right, time to go check my mail *grin* Thank everything that’s good for library internet facilities…

karaoke etiquette

Ok ok ok, stop with the emails already!!!

I’ve had no net access that’s why I’ve not posted. Aside from about 15 minutes at the tail end of Stef’s library session on tuesday I’ve been netless – it’s awful! (Worse for Stef though, he works from home *grin* That phone company is gonna get it up the arse…) it may take a few hours but I’ll catch up with you all.
Hurrah for pc literate mothers eh?! (even though I’ve been ordered not to stay on here too long…)

Ok, to recap on me…
Most of the week has been spent in bed. But today is Thursday – You know what I do on a Thursday… Yup, Thursday night is karaoke night at the Bulls Head in Swinton.
Was a bit dead in there tonight and the atmosphere was a little bit ‘edgy’ and ‘flat’ all at the same time, I’m glad it wasn’t busier though because I’ve a feeling it may have kicked off it it were.
Normally I do lots of happy bouncy shouty stuff, you know, to brighten the atmosphere.
Not tonight…
Tonight I sang.
I admit it, I was showing off, there was a lass in there (the same who won the last comp) walking around in very cocky manner, she even got up to do a couple of songs that other people had done because she thought she did ’em better – that’s just RUDE!

You don’t do that!
Fair enough, you like a song that’s already been done, request it by all means – but don’t announce that you’re doing it because someone else previously butchered it. (To be fair she didn’t say that over the mic but she was sat at the table next to us and I heard her shout it to her mate, as did the poor lass who was responsible for the aforementioned butchering…)

So to put her nose out of joint because I also was feeling childish, I did some fairly ‘hard’ ones:

  1. ‘Alone’ by Heart (Nailed it too – never thought I’d be able to do that one justice)
  2. ‘True Colors’ by Cyndi Lauper (I haven’t sung that for years, beautiful song)
  3. ‘Not the Doctor’ by Alanis Morrisette (not my finest choice I have to admit, but still better than that cocky madame!)

I then sat back and laughed heartily while she bolloxed up ‘Paradise by the Dashboard light’ and sang at full belt the correct timing so it could be heard above the P.A. – Yes I am a petty cow, been a bit stressed of late though so I’m blaming it on needing to let off steam. It’s good having a powerful voice sometimes…

I know I’ve said it many times before, but karaoke is supposed to be fun, it’s not a bloody competition all the time! I and most of my friends go because we enjoy singing and we like the atmosphere – it’s people like her that suck all the fun out of it and create bad feeling. It’s also that kind of thing that makes people too shy to get up and have a go for fear of not being ‘good enough’.

I hate that! It’s not karaoke if everyone is fantastic, it’s just pop idol without the camera’s but double the prima donna attitude. You need a few people who will have a go regardless!
That’s why I get up and murder a few. Ok so I can sing when I put my mind to it, but I can’t sing everything. I’ll give it a bloody good go though, as long as I have a vague idea of the tune.
It’s about the crack not the voice. I just wish people would remember that and not take themselves so seriously.
Anyone who’s ever heard my take on ‘Love in an Elevator’ or ‘Kiss me Deadly’ will understand what I mean by that… *shudders at the memories*

Right, guess I’d best descend soapbox and make my bed up before I get a sound telling off for tippy tapping away till all hours again *sigh*

stuff to do

Karaoke competition tonight. hmmm… still dont know what i want to sing, never a good thing – after all preperation is the key *grin*
Thats the problem with knowing and liking too many songs, im a good singer, not fantastic – nowhere near as good as i used to be, but i have a good sense of rhythm, decent pitch and a lot of power… shame about the control and the range though lol so far its looking likely that i’ll end up doing good ol’ “Mustang Sally” but then again… if i hadnt have already sung total eclipse of the heart there last week… decisions decisions decisions…

Ah bugrit. its only £2000 PMSL knowing some of the main karaoke lot that do the pubs in manchester, the likelihood of me even coming close to winning should they show up is negligable, G is an amazing singer (even though i do wish he’d lighten up occasionally) M is also fantastic (though he does fall into the ‘i love me’ category of karaoke singers) and the girls… well. on reflection… i think maybe i should just stay home and sulk.

bugger. now thats timing *grin* seems i have no reason to worry about the karaoke after all, ive just been called in to cover a shift at the delightful club trop *sigh* ah well… i would have been surrounded by students anyway – i may as well get paid for it.
I did the unforgivable last night and forgot to go to bed, too busy on here, many many people online there were, it must be the time of year or something… nearly all my friends have just ‘met someone’ and most of the ‘someones’ were off faceparty too lol
Its doomed. Never again will you be able to just join an online community for friendship, spirits forbid that you should message someone without hoping that they will be ‘the one’.
I must just be an odd bunny, it appears that i alone in the world am happy talking to people regardless of looks, age, sex or race. All i ask is that they actually converse instead of ‘trying it on’.
now thats apt – depeche mode are currently singing ‘people are people’ at me.