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rocking around the christmas tree

This is the song that has been running around in my head for DAYS! Kill me, just kill me now.

No this is not going to be one of those bah humbug type posts – i’m not allowed to bah humbug anymore – I have a child, I’ve now got to embrace the joys of Christmas and foster a belief in santa – something that may eventually lead to a schoolyard kicking as said belief disintegrates, but why borrow trouble eh? We’ve got a good 3-4 years before that happens – and anyway, I’ve found a place that teaches kung-fu to kids..

This is why, for the first time ever in a place of my own, I have a tree. As you can see, it’s covered in pink stuff – this was not my choice, Stef was seduced by the displays at cruise hill and succumbed to the lure of pink baubles. I have to admit though, it turned out better than I’d expected *grin*

Isabella's first tree

Isabella's first tree

I have completed my Christmas shopping with days to spare – even the laggards at Amazon have got it together enough to dispatch the remainder of my order just in time, fingers crossed it arrives tomorrow so that I don’t have to eat those words eh? In between pulling my hair out over college work I’ve also been busy crafting some truly lovely items of jewelery (even if I do say so myself) so it’s a fair bet that if you’re a female reading this and we’re related – you know what you’re getting this year – again lol

..reminds me, need to photograph this lot before handing ’em out – I keep forgetting to do that! This hobby is another reason I’m glad we had a girl, it’ll make birthday parties easier – just teach ’em how to craft something unique that they can keep! (well, ok, it might work once..)

Right, speaking of coursework.. I have an extension for the lit review; it now ha/s to be submitted online by Christmas eve – no rest for the wicked eh..?

Merry Christmas you lovely lot – I’ll be posting festive Izzy pics after the event so keep an eye on flickr and facebook..

The international net

..I wish *sigh*

Half the interesting ‘new media’ apps are USA based and every website I’ve looked at for things I’ve considered purchasing of late are ‘ship to US only’ sites *sniff* ah well, I’ve taken to collecting pretty pictures instead with which to console myself. Let’s face it, I’m unlikely to have the cash to spend on pretty things soon, everyone seems determined to tell me how expensive childrearing will be – like I hadn’t already figured that out for myself!

So.. Forget the Alexandrite earrings, I’ll just gaze at this Aquamarine and Alexandrite ring I’ll not be purchasing because even if they did ship to the UK I can’t justify the $538 price tag (or £270.88 in real money)

my ring from

Shell Island

I’ve discovered that I’m still not completely weaned away from my net addiction. We’ve been camping and not only did I have a complete lack of phone signal (which didn’t really bother me too much) but there was no internet – that did bother me.

I came home to a ton of emails, too many twitters to catch up on and the sense of missing out on ‘stuff’ – I hate missing out on things. *sniff* ah well, at least I ate well, got a tan (yup, I’ve temporarily lost my 31 year old pallor.. It’s disturbing) and some much needed exercise – and the first use of my ‘cripple badge’ as we’ve taken to calling it, I’m so glad I applied for it, not only does it save on parking fees but not having to walk for miles to get to the car when I’m feeling cack is worth its weight in gold!

We took many a photo (or at least Stef did) The ones he took in the slate mine made the place seem bigger and far more interesting than it actually was (not a ‘tour’ I’d recommend) but it was fun all the same due to the company we kept.

This picture however.. Every time I saw this cafe in Barmouth I had to chuckle, as Stef said, it’s not so much that the ‘C’ is missing leaving that rather amusing word in it’s place – it’s the fact that someone has taken the trouble of moving the ‘A’ over so that the amusing word is more apparent. arousal cafe in Barmouth

The last day was incredibly blustery, so much so that I had next to no sleep because the wind was tossing the tent around so much that I swear if we weren’t inside it the whole thing would have blown away – as it is it was like lying inside a snare drum with the sides thrumming away all night long. Stef of course had no problems – I swear that lad could sleep on a needle point through a hurricane! Obviously we had to pack up in the wind and the rain just to make life interesting – to be fair Stef did most of the work while I skulked about and hid in the car out of the weather (I’m such a wuss) there is video footage of our last night but we’re still trying to convert it to a format I can stick on here, once we have though *grin* you’ll see why it was such fun packing up – t’was a tad on the blustery side..

Anyhow, we were off the island by 10.20am on Saturday and heading home. We got in and booted up the pc’s so we could get in a quick net fix before crashing. After 3 hours kip we were up and getting ready again because we were booked into the casino for a meal with dad and co as it was my brothers birthday. Richard and Louise had traveled up from Daventry for the weekend and Robert joined us so it was a cracking night.

Stef even had a bit of a flutter on the roulette, I went from rolling my eyes to being reet chuffed, he started with £20 and came away with £175! My man’s a lucky one that’s for sure, I don’t think anyone else did as well from our party. Mind you – it’s getting to be a bit of a pain now, at any of my family do’s I spend the night having to listen to everyone tell me how great Stef is – like I didn’t already know that LOL

Still, I guess it’s good to know we have the universal seal of approval eh?!


To Laura-Jane & Allan.

Lj and AllanIt was an absolutely fabulous wedding on Sunday – so fabulous in fact that it’s taken me until today to recover from it *grin*

The minister said those magical words ‘Could you please be upstanding for the entrance of the bride’ and so we all stood, then waited, and waited.. after about five minutes she said she’d just pop out to see what the hold up was – this led to much nervous speculation and plenty of ribbing directed at poor Allan who looked to be on the verge of tears before the minister came back in and took her place.
Lj came through the doors looking positively radiant and the relief in the poor lads eyes was eclipsed by awe as he took her in.

The ceremony was moving – as it should be. The bride and groom, both nervous and failing to hide it, caused many an indulgent chuckle to run around the room as they stumbled through the vows. They were holding hands as if they were both drowning and the other person was all that was keeping them afloat, you couldn’t mistake the genuine love between them, it was a privilege to witness it.

The ‘wedding breakfast’ was pretty damned fine, you can’t beat tasty food – though calling a 3pm steak dinner ‘breakfast’ seemed a tad on the odd side but I guess that’s what ‘posh folks’ do eh!? Speaking of posh.. We scrubbed up pretty well for the day, even if I do say so myself.

I know.. I should really get some sun, believe it or not – I actually used some of that ‘tanning moisturiser’ and I’m caked in foundation, without those cosmetic touches I’d look like a corpse.. (Not a good wedding look methinks..) Let’s just blame it on the lighting eh?!

But look at those eyebrows. Go on.. Do they look a little ‘different’ to you? Not quite as straight and bushy as usual are they? They look almost unnatural in fact. That’s right, (Kelly – you will feel my pain on this point after reading that guest post I did for you)

I now know the slight discomfort that is tweezing. In all honesty it was nowhere near as bad as I’d thought it would be – but I still got bullied into it by my stepmum, Stef did nothing to help me wriggle out of it and dad.. Well, no point looking in that quarter when a film is on, I wouldn’t mind but I wanted to watch the film too! *sniff*

Anyhow, I have to eat my words, it does make quite a difference. I can’t promise I’ll keep on top of things because I’m just not girly girl enough, but it doesn’t in fact hurt quite as much as I’d thought and the end effect is quite pleasing – but I’ll never wax, plucking is as far as I’ll go on the home torture front.

Anyhow.. I could talk about the speeches and how Allan reduced the room to tears by breaking up after the first few lines of his (he was just an emotional wreck all day, it was kinda sweet) and I could tell you all about the lass who ended up pole dancing around the singers mic stand at the evening reception.. But no instead I’ll just say it was a fabulous day followed by a fun evening. As family do’s go it’s right up there amongst the best of ’em.

I just hope the happy couple are having twice as much fun on their honeymoon in Mexico this week. Best wishes to ’em and much love.

Princess Leia’s metal bikini

Oh yeah – that’s a heading to grab your attention isn’t it? Men!

Actually, this post has been prompted by a link my fave Ubuntu tech posted on twitter, it had me doing an idle search for a costume after joking to Stef about maybe doing that for the next fancy dress party we attended.

Now.. I’ve looked through most of the links on Leia’s metal bikini and I’ve come to the conclusion that even if I could by some miracle find one in my size – it’d look way too daft, I’m cursed ‘blessed’ in the chest department so even if I got my budha belly in trim, I’d still look like I was about to keel over from the weight of all that metal..

What..? you want proof?

*mutter* *grumble* Fine!

K, here’s the Lara Croft pic you love so much..

me as lara croft

the proof

..and now you see why I rarely get my legs out – look at the state of those knees! I had to greyscale ’em – you’d go blind otherwise, i’m so white I’m blue! Apparently..
Now for the side view.. I keep a ‘belly’ for a reason, if I didn’t have belly flab I’d look even more off kilter than this!

So there you have it, even if I could find the outfit in my size at a price I could afford – it’d ruin many a male fantasy and because I love you guys I just couldn’t do it to ya’s.
I’m all heart me aren’t I?

Wern Isaf in Llangollen

Wondering why i’ve been so quiet the last few days? meh, betcha didn’t even notice lol

As it happens we were at a lovely campsite in Wales, you have to know it’s there to find it though – if it wasn’t for Simon leading the way we’d have been circling Llangollen for hours looking for it!

The campsite is on the fields of a working farm, there’s bulls, horses and sheep everywhere you look, they even had a beast locked up in one of the barns – we joked it was a werewolf because some of the noises it made were truly terrifying. Yep, whoever said the countryside was quiet has never been. The birdlife was ample, we were adopted by a cheeky little robin that flew into Simons vehicle for a good look around as we were setting up the tents, then a drake and his lady came ambling over to keep an eye on things once we were settled.

the ducks sat happily outside the tents

The views are fantastic. The pictures on their website really don’t do the place justice, seriously – feast your eyes on this:

view from outside our tent

As you can see we had glorious weather the whole time we were there, I now have some colour in my face – if I’d had the guts for it my legs would also be more pink than blue, as it was I refuse to put the general public through the ordeal of me in shorts, it just wouldn’t be right!
view of the cows being fed

The cows were in the next but one field to ours and over to the left of the hedge they’re next to was the slope that the sheep were on, one actually broke through into the cow field and seemed to be frantically trying to get back over once it realised where it was, most amusing to watch.

I was.. hmmm.. What’s the word for when you’re disgusted yet amused all tha the same time? meh, no matter. Basically Simon and Nic are seasoned campers, they go frequently with the kids, but they refuse to leave behind any mod cons. I’ve never been camping with electricity before, I always laughed at the people who did thinking ‘whats the point? You may as well stay at a B&B’
No longer! I am a true convert to the ways of the electric. They had a HEATER in their tent. I can live without a fridge, even without the kettle (though having a nice hot cuppa when you get up is fabulous!) but I want a heater. I still think taking a tv and a microwave is a tad over the top though..

We also succumbed to tent envy, I now want one with at least another ‘room’

tents are up!

Look at the size of theirs compared to ours! Simon’s not a little lad and he can stand upright in it! I had to laugh when they were putting all their stuff in it though, normally the kids get a pod each and the adults obviously share one, everything else tends to then get stored in the centre chamber. Not so this time, with the kids at home they had a wardrobe pod and a bathroom! Seriously! I couldn’t stop laughing at that, coat hangers and everything! My ‘wardrobe’ consisted of jeans, combats and some t-shirts screwed up in a bag.
Me laughing at the 'wardrobe'

The fun didn’t stop there however, we got to take the micky muchly out of my poor baby. He likes to wander when we go camping and he takes the camera with him (actually where ever we go he takes the camera – ‘appy snapper is my ol’ man) This time he had to be careful because we had a field full of girl scouts and Edinborough award kids, much was made of the fact that he could come across as a dirty ol’ man if he went about his usual way of doing things *grin* I mean.. C’mon, lookee here (the tents in the left at the back are the girls, they were on the opposite side of the field to us)
Stef mooching about

I think this is the actual picture that was taken of him as this observation was being made, could explain the look on his face *grin*
Aye, t’was a nice and relaxing weekend all told, we very nearly went back again today seeing as the camping stuff was still in the car and we’ve nothing planned until thursday.. But sadly common sense kicked in, there’s washing to be done, the flat needs cleaning – and we spent a fortune this month already.

We will definitely be going back though, this time with a camping stove, table/ chairs and a few other creature comforts *grin* best not get too carried away though or we’ll end up with a ‘car’ like Simons..

Me? A Smac addict..?

Apparantly so..

me holding some italian cleaning products

I was planning to head out to the pub this evening but recieved a text from Stef telling me they were at the footballers (‘they’ being all the lads) so I changed my mind, I’ve done quite a lot today so resting is probably the best option anyway (she says, blogging) I have to make a necklace since my wire has now arrived – bloomin quick it was too! A day and a half after I placed the order – and that was with royal mail delivery. I’m impressed!

But, because I have to make it, procrastination has reared it’s loveable little head. Instead of getting my stuff out, I found myself looking through the photo album Stef put together the other day of various holiday pictures, the one above was taken in Cevaro In Italy when we went to visit his family last year, the fact that I look like a drug addict just made the find that much funnier *grin* (sans make-up I aint a pretty sight) finding it is obviously what prompted me to head back to the pc instead of my work table – after all I’d not posted today, someone might think I’m ill or something if I don’t.. *grin* you can justify anything if you try hard enough ;0}

me at drigg - not happy!I have to post this one because I think it’s my favourite pictures of me; every time I look at it I have to chuckle just because I was so pissed off *grin* for you newbies/ passersbyers here’s the back story:

Stef and I went to the lake district with friends for a week, my dad works at Sellafield (technical author – go figure, writing must be in the blood or summat) so we thought we’d stop by and see him, we ended up staying overnight at the hotel in Drigg and in the morning Stef forced me to trek through rain and a gale force wind up the road to see the sea. I was cold, tired and hungry – not the best time to catch me really.. But man I love that coat!

Shame it’s not waterproof eh?!

The fine art of blogging.

I received an email earlier from Dio over at Quasi Fictional asking me to write a post answering the question “What is a blog to you?” since said email was also peppered with such flattering phrases as ‘guru blogger’ and the insinuation was made that I am one of those almighty figures referred to as a ‘renowned blogger’ (I know, I nearly wet myself laughing at this point too) I figured, what the heck – a post is a post right?

a 'slightly' photoshopped me - in makeup!

He also requested that I stick up a photo, since this one is in use all over the place as my avatar (mainly monsters game, my blog log and twitter) I thought why waste time looking for something else?

I touched upon the subject of why I blog in this post but it doesn’t really answer Dio’s query, so to see what I said you’d best whisk yourself over there and see my response.

(It was here but since I got the wrong end of the stick I had to edit and forward and all sorts of mucky muck.. Good job i’ve nothing better to do eh?!)

Now I realise this is all a blogfest and linkwhoring and all the rest of it, but I promise you, I don’t actively seek to ‘up’ my ratings.
Sometimes I turn ‘sheep’ and feel that I should, recently I’ve been bleating all over the place following link after link and instead of merely flipping past sites I’ve taken the time to leave a comment (or 3) when the subject has interested me enough to do so and in the process I’ve virtually met some cracking people.

Yes Dan, I mean you. *grin*

Dressing up

Well tonight has been a GAS!
I have the pictures to prove it.

What started as a frantic net search for people I could dress up as on thursday, degenerated into a trying on of everything in the house – including Seans straightjacket and gimp mask.
I should have known better really because I ended up with the itchiest nose ever and those 2 sadists refused to unbuckle me and let me scratch it. They didn’t even offer to scratch it for me.
Have a giggle:

(and I am wearing shorts – we’d just discarded the possibility of me doing a Lara Croft convincingly)

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

There were many more pics, but I’d like this page to load up in a fairly reasonable time so that’s ya lot on here – I might add ’em to my ‘photoblog’, we’ll see…

As to what I’m actually going to wear… well – I’m either going to attempt a ‘Dark Angel’ a la Jessica Alba, ‘Padme’ a la Natalie Portman or Katherine Hepburn – if I can find anything of the right kind of period look in the charity shops for Ms Hepburn. Cheryl and I shall be heading to town tomorrow for some toy gun holsters and to have a look around a costume hire shop (just for future reference and some other ideas, sadly I cant afford a costume hire else I’d quite happily be going as Xena or something equally exotic)
If You happen to be anywhere near Oldham street or Afflecks Palace tomorrow lunchtime, keep a weather eye out and come say ‘Hi!’
We’ve even convinced my mum to go as Madonna – the scary thing is… She could pull it off if she goes like this particular pic:

(sadly I neglected to make a note of the site this pic came from so if you need to claim it please let me know)
Right, I need to go and make sure those 2 are playing nicely on the playstation2 and not just killing each other, then I’m for bed – all that bitching and screaming has quite knackered me out!

Happy new year y’all!

I should learn not to doubt J.
What a fantastic night.
Loaf rocked. Serious the Dj played everything from chaka demus and pliers to black eyed peas. It was ace – we even had a group of 4 21yr olds trying to convince us to go to a party in salford with them LOL man I feel old.
We actually missed the countdown as we were too busy playing on the pub quiz machine with another group of lads downstairs – it’s only when the overly friendly (touchy feely) bouncer told us that we realised… I hate that type – I know them too well, judging from his number he hasn’t had his badge too long and I’m guessing he’s the kind that ‘hides’ when there’s trouble. Wanker. Too busy chatting (and touching) up the birds to do his job properly… If I was on his door he’d be getting an earfull I can tell ya!

Anyhow, all was good – and here’s pics of me and J pre-taxi out (which bizarrely enough cost £5 less than the taxi home)
This is j looking Very sexy in my purple dress (I just don’t have the height *sniff*)

  • Free Image Hosting at
  • This is me doing the ‘girl’ thing:

  • Free Image Hosting at
  • I’m now going to bed but before I do…

    May the best of the year past be the worst of the year ahead *kiss*
    Happy new Year guys!

    Donna Nook

    Ok, sorry sorry sorry…
    I know, I’ve been shit the last few days, was a bit ‘ick’ friday and saturday. Went to see the baby seals at Donna Nook on sunday, been in bed pretty much since then.
    but hey – in recompense, here’s a pic of one of the seals and a shot of me freezing.

  • Free Image Hosting at
  • Free Image Hosting at
  • So, *kisses* thankyou for cheering me up on sunday Stef *hug* twas much appreciated – and yes, I SOoooooooooooooooo would have won a proper game of hide and seek in those dunes…

    Currently watching something called ‘surprise wedding’ ugh!
    What a travesty.
    Seriously man, they should really call it ‘Head dresses from hell’ I know it’s american, but it had to have been recorded in the ’80s. *shudders* Besides, who the hell wants to get married on a TV show? If I’m ever daft enough to do it again, It’s gonna be a nice quiet affair, no big reception, no-one I feel I ‘have’ to invite – the way I see it, my lot have had one free do out of me so they can sod off if they think I’d do it again for ’em.
    *watches mum stand up and applaud…
    I’m going up to Yogi’s this evening to play crib with the family, heres hoping I have better luck at it than I did last time.

    I promise to have something to keep you going Brandie, and K, you could never do anything to make me stop coming online *grin* I just hate posting when I’m feeling down as it turns into bitter whinging shite.
    Right, I now need to bathe and get ready for a night of WINNING at cards.

    My home

    I’m feeling very accomplished now. My front room looks FAB (if you disregard the yellow wall, it was there when I moved in and I refuse to spend money on decorating a rented place)
    these pics are primarily for you Claire – looksee, I can get off my arse and clean lol
    First view:

  • Second view:

  • 3rd view:

  • I know, perhaps a little overboard on the sofa debris – but I’m missing a bed so the cushions had to go somewhere…
    Anyway all thats left to do now is sort the kitchen, my room and clean the bathroom and I can sleep the sleep of the just tonight, secure in the knowledge that even my mum (the tidiest person on the planet – why couldn’t I get those genes?) will be unable to find fault with my housekeeping skills.
    God I’m good.

    If you’re wondering why the chair is pushed up so close to the unit though – let me share something with you…
    I should have done this ages ago, that way I would have been able to call my landlord immedietely and inform him that the radiator is hanging off the wall and its only really the piping keeping it in place now that I’ve moved the sofa.
    Nice huh?!
    So, not only did the previous jokers put that overlong radiator over the bt point therefore costing me £130 to have a new one fitted so I could get online, but they’ve obviously used the wrong type of wall fixing to do it. *sigh* I’ve switched the heating off so that if it decides to come off now it’s not being held in place by a heavy settee, at least it’ll be cold water I’m mopping up not boiling water. This just means I get to spend all weekend kitted out in BIG jumpers and my lovely fluffy purple socks.
    Gotta love the slumlords…