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isnt it funny how the stupidest things have the most affect upon us?
sex. its a killer… everytime. You can have a perfectly good friendship with someone then that word ‘attraction’ rears its ugly little head… suddenly its all about ‘physical’ closeness. which is when the whole thing goes to pot.
and people wonder why i’d rather spend my time online…

I have a wee rhyme for ye, explains my take on relationships quite clearly (yes im a bitter twisted ol’ hag, i may as well admit it out loud to the world… quite frankly, they scare the hell out of me these days, yet… even i still have moments of hope. Daft huh!?)

Love Cynic

For every woman
There’s only one man
He’ll give your life meaning
Like nothing else can
For every guy
There is only one girl
And for him she’ll become
The true heart of his world

This I was taught
And this I believed
Wasted years of my life
Trying to make it real
I’ve met so many guys
Whom I thought were ‘the one’
I’ve tried so many times
My belief has now gone

For every season
The pattern must change
An ongoing cycle
Of sunshine and rain
For every liaison,
The timing is wrong
The start is too sudden
Suddenly it’s all gone.

I like an uncomplicated life me… which is why its so amusing to my friends when i seem to constantly go out of my way to complicate it, C loves my phonecalls… she can have me laughing within 5 seconds if i start telling her my latest tale of woe… yet she is ALWAYS my rock when i need one. Perhaps i should start a blog purely for her… plenty of song material for her in that.